BDSM, Femdom & Kink Links

These are just a small fraction of the stuff that’s out there, both blogs and online communities, as well as comics and artwork.

Interested in being listed? Shoot me a message- if you have a commercial website, there’s even a spot for you.

BDSM Blogs

Not Just Bitchy o Lab Coat Lingerie o Pervocracy  o Post Modern Sleaze o  Masculine Submission  o The Edge of Vanilla o Domme Chronicles o Dumb Domme o Perverse Cowgirl o Switch Studies o Sexual Destinies o Olivia Fitzgerald  o Whips & Fangs o Femmedom Book Reviews  o Mystic’s Mindfuck o Snarksy o A Submissive’s Musings o Dispatches from the Ledge o Exdomme o Quiet Waters Run Deep o The Daily Flogger o The University of Abject Submission o Denying Thumper o Sex Geek o Curvacious Dee o Franny Fearnby o Andy Buru o Purrversity o Femdom Style o Grind-‘n’-Throb o

Communities & Resources For All:

Reddit BDSM Community o FetlifeMasocast o Fearless Press o Men Submit o Femdom Book Review o Find a MunchFemdom Resources o Femdom Cafe o Ranai BDSM Links o /r/femdom o /r/femdomcommunity o /r/BDSMcommunity o

Art & Comics:

o Work is Never Done o Avenier o Submissive Guy Comics o Sleaze Art (Vintage) o Fluffy Art o



o Private Femdom o

Commercial: (Cheap Sex Toys) o M. V. Giaus Femdom Stories (ebooks) o Wicked MMM (Lingerie for men) o


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  1. you may include my blog

    • I’m sorry, would that be “commercial” or “erotica”? Your blog appears to go through some sort of adult affiliate link screen system.

  2. Thank you for including me! Tried to put a link to your site in but still fiddling around with it, the link doesn’t seem to stick

  3. Thank you very much for that!!! I appreciate it! *happy grin*

  4. I didn’t know I was on your list…thank you so much!!!

  5. Hello O Miss Pearl. I’d be honored if you would consider listing my blog in your list of other blogs worth reading. It is Hopefully you will find it worthy.

    Love your blog.


  6. Hi! Any chance you could remove (Romancing the Kink) from my listing above? That site is LONG DEAD. Two years.

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