I Want To Serve Miss Pearl

So you want to serve Miss Pearl in some capacity or another? Whether to show your appreciation or to enjoy submission to me, here are some clear guidelines.

I am not a professional dom. You cannot book me for a session, buy my used panties, shoes or stockings, etc…

Acts of Service I Accept From Anyone

  • Send me fan mail. An email expressing how much something means to you, or a commenting on particular piece of writing I did means a lot to me. Alternatively gifts and accolades may be sent to:
    O Miss Pearl
    PO box 28566
    Verdun, QC
    H4G 1N6
  • Follow me on twitter and retweet/like tweets I make that are insightful, witty or fun. Do not retweet literally everything.
  • Give me gifts. I like prezzies. I have a wishlist like every other web person. It’s mostly art supplies and books, either to review or to share with my local community, with a few neat things for me. US Wishlist. Canadian Wishlist.
  • Give me money. It’s not a findom thing, it’s a street performer tip hat thing.
  • Tasteful artistic nudes and art you have created- stick figures and colouring pages also good.
  • Send me recipes for tasty treats. Or pictures of things you baked. Yummy. :9
  • Do good deeds, accomplishments and achievements in my honour. Whether it is picking up trash in your public park or taking up a daily running habit, this makes me feel more powerful.
  • Offer help with web design or creative skills you are good at. I will be impressed by you.
  • Language translation. Particularly french and german.

Acts of Service I Do Not Want

  • Pictures of your genitals in chastity cages or loose. It’s never flattering. I will ask if I wanna see it.
  • Pictures of your butt. Especially a close up of your anus- I’m not grindr.
  • Detailed descriptions of the dominant sex acts I may do to you. Again I’m not shy, if I want to, you will know.
  • Random sex things (putting in butt plugs, masturbating). I will ask if I want it.
  • Promises of cunnilingus. I do not like it.
  • Offers to edit my writing. There is one guy I will let do that. This is not you. Phantom Reviewer you know who you are!
  • No Teamviewer.
  • No skype/facetime watching you torture or edge yourself. Again I’ll ask if I want it.

Caveats in trying to serve Miss Pearl

  • I have the right of refusal. My consent matters.
  • You are not owed my time.
  • You are responsible for knowing your limits. Do not embark on things that violate your comfort zone in a way that is actively harmful to you.
  • Have a safeword and use the safeword where appropriate.
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