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19 Replies To Every Online Femdom Discussion Ever

1) Femdom? Okay, I want to get into this, can you dominate me over skype? Please?! MISTRESS SLAV ME NAOW 2) Well, its not the natural order of things- everyone knows women are inherently submissive, that’s how heterosexuality works. I guess some women don’t like sex though. 3) I believe in teh superior female and […]

9 Reasons to Block and Delete a Sub Sending You a Message

Female dominants get messages, partnered or unpartnered, searching or trying to hide. In honour of the recent batch of crazy letters and threats, I’ve created a quick guide for new femdoms for signs you should save yourself the trouble and delete the message now. If any of these nine behaviors have come up in the […]

8 Things You Could Be Doing To Help Find A Femdom

One of the first questions people ask after realizing that they have submissive fantasies is how they can find a femdom. The standard advice, which nobody can escape, is that you’ve got to meet a lot of people until something clicks. On the other hand, if you’ve been looking for a while and nothing’s working, […]

14 Over Used Topics On BDSM Forums

While BDSM forums often provide a great way to talk to other kinky people and get a reality check or a sympathetic ear to your kinky interests and queries, you know you have encountered these conversations before. Whether it’s fetlife, /r/BDSMcommunity, the bright young things on 4chan’s d board, an international non-english community, or some other hidden pocket […]

33 Things Every Submissive Man Should Know

1) We are people too, and all the vanilla courtesies still apply. For you as well as me. 2) Don’t fawn all over us; you will sound like a tool. Don’t call us “Mistress“, “Goddess” or “Lady” unless we tell you to. Don’t try to act like our sub without our consent- anymore than you’d […]

5 More Submissive Acts Nobody Masturbates To

Transit Pass Renewal – One part service, one part financial domination, send your sub to get the new pass on the first of the month to maximize time wasted in line behind that one person who can’t remember which pocket their credit cards are in. Especially in cities like Toronto, where a pure daily work […]

7 Pieces of Missing Sex Ed

Seven things I wish were included in sex-ed, for kinky and non-kinky people alike, including the truth about oral sex, an all too common reality of masculinity and a major reason why matching up your sexuality with other people is always a headache.