12 Things To Buy Your Domme For Christmas In 2020

It might be Thanksgiving this week for my American readers, but as a Canadian there’s no barrier between me and full blown holiday cheer. Thus, in the spirit of writing the content I wish to see in the world, here’s the shopping guide of things really worth gifting. Well, giving to me. But you get the point.

A Shiny Dickosaurus Rex

3D printing makes anything possible and the glorious dickosaurs by Mae (@adorabledomme) are one of the best things to come out of 2020. Glossy and fierce, a word of caution if your ornaments will be put to any recreational use they are not made of plastic that’s body safe, so make sure that any explorations in trying to make reverse fossils use a barrier method to keep their fierce creatures contained. Give her a whimsical reason to smile as we kiss this trash fire of a year goodbye.

The most ludicrously glittering shoes

Irregular Choice offers shoes that let you put the femme in femdom. Sure the Nick of Time shoes aren’t the usual fetish fare! But, if getting to sit at your feet and worship is the real gift you can give them, let your sub see them appropriately adorned.

I want them. Or in purple. Or black. And I want to press my size 41 foot into his face before making him plant perfectly precise kisses in the middle of each bow.

Hard Smacks & Fat Stacks

Pen & Kink is back at it, with a must have kinky kitchen wall print. Pair with maple syrup and a long handled cheese board to give to your domme friends, or anyone else who isn’t ashamed to show wasn’t on the menu in their house.

Not a decor kind of domme? There’s tshirts, stickers, and of course all sorts of lovely other designs. I’m partial to “Silence is Golden”, or the “That’s a Paddling” pillow.

Twisted Monk Limited Edition “Tannenbaum” Rope

O Christmas Tree! Decorate your cute little bondage bunny in limited edition festive hemp rope. Snag it now, it’s only here for the month, and I can’t tell you if it will becoming back. Personally I am already imagining a suspension with rough hewn timbers, a wreath crown, and fat advent candles dripping hot wax.

And hey, the colour might be just for December, but there’s the lifetime safety guarantee that if you get a little tangled and a safety snip is needed, replacement is possible.

Now if only regular Christmas lights and garlands came with that offer too…

Silver (4) Balls

Shiny 4 Balls in silver stuffs more than a stocking, though at the budget “Planet Dildo” price makes it particularly perfect to pad out gift bags and sparse packages.

And with frequent sales and fairly fast shipping, if you miss the inevitable Black Friday deal, Tantus pretty reliably runs 50% and 40% off sales.

Want to see more? Keep reading after the jump…

A Black Velvet Femme Fatale Dress

The perfect vintage black velvet dress to wear while he kneels and holds your gloves in his mouth so the rest of the office party can’t hear what you do to him in the cloak room.

Unique Vintage might be a bit spendy, but their curated collection offers all sorts of options to slink about evily.

Tiny clutch purse with lipstick and nipple clamps optional, but very much encouraged.

Leather Opera Gloves

Pair that slinky dress (or one from your existing wardrobe) in the classic embrace of a sleek, soft leather and fitted past the elbow leather gloves. White is traditional for those high formality events, but don’t underestimate the potency of imposing black or vibrant red.

Good for stuffing into their mouth, peeling off a finger at a time, while they squirm, or simply guarding your hand when you dish out a stinging slap.

Keyholder Necklace

Restrained Grace is the designer for high femme BDSM. Most of their gear is designed for subs, but their extensive FemDom collection doesn’t leave the necks that are in charge unserved. Black leather and rose gold add an elegant and modern edge to this keyholder necklace.

Whether for the padlock to their cock cage, collar or simply making a subtle statement of control, pair it with a key you have or add an engraved heart padlock and key set for a matching attachment.

Boss Holiday Candle and Spa Set

With year round scents like apple cider donut and holiday exclusives like wassail and santas cookies, this candle & spa set offers a cute way to acknowledge one of the less gendered titles.

(And if you have one of those looks vanilla on the outside, stealth kinky FLRs, little touches like this are a perfect reason to smirk every time company comments how nice your home smells.)

Rubberdoll Microbreathe Hood

Yes, I just jumped from scented candles to a hard kink rubber hood. I like what I like. And I’ve been on an anonymous and shiny rubber kick for months now.

The nearly invisible pinprick holes are a neat alternative to the usual nose holes only design, and avoid the squashed skin around the eyes look that can spoil the lines of a not quite right hood.

While not as cheap as some hoods on the market, this Kink Engineering offers a range of sizes and colours too, if black isn’t your fancy.

Shadow Stripe Thigh High Socks

While we are touring my fetishes, of course I can’t go two months without giving Sock Dreams attention.

Sure they have more Yule themed offerings, but if these grey stripey tall socks are a reminder that Christmas used to be for ghost stories.

Wrap your thighs around their head or have them peep up from warm boots with the tops all scrunched. However you wear them, these are the stockings I most want to wake up to hung from my mantle.

Black Rubber Resuscitator Mask

#WearAMask. What do you mean, no not like that?

No, seriously, this lovely little pervertable is exactly the breath play accessory I am drooling over. It’s only because I know that a every fetish toy deserves a good home to be used that I am sharing this limited supply item, instead of hiding it all it from all of you.

And so I bring a shopping list to a close. Dear Santa, you know I’ve been the most terribly cruel and sadistic creature and there’s a very good boy who has suffered endlessly because of me.
But because I try not to do my readers wrong I will disclose that the Tanus links are affiliates. Nonetheless nobody is paying or encouraging me to put this together other than pure holiday based greed.
Oh! And did I mention I have a Patreon? If you have a mind to play Santa, that’s where you should go. <3

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