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Friday Femdom Fiction: Caught, Shamed and Spanked

The smell of simmering chicken broth permeated the air like a soothing hug. She’d left him tucked up, with an enormous box of kleenex and the lamp pleasantly dim, after several return trips to fluff up his pillows just so and see him cozy. He’d gone to sleep with some terrible television show streaming, and […]

Femdom Book Review: Glamourhai by Jess Mahler

Glamourhai by Jess Mahler Jess Mahler is also the author behind “Fantasy for the Kinky“, and has released one of her serials in ebook form, complete with a lovely cover- I’ve reviewed her work already with the short story “Fealty“. As such I had the good fortune to get a review copy of Glamourhai. When […]

The Choke Point & My Cunt, His Cock

It’s always tight, when the tip of his cock slides into me. My cunt has a choke point, starting sex, like I was some sort of customize part of the Fleshlight or Tenga product line. It’s not something you get to see in sex diagrams- the kind with simplified, labelled anatomy, where you get to […]

Other Places To Go Part IV

Happy 2014! With the year showing all sorts of promise, and various other projects on the go- here’s a trio of good links on other people’s blog posts that I thought was worth a gander. Kink Abuse takes a look at the fundamentals of writing a good kink dating profile. Freaksexual wrote an oldie-but-goodie on […]

Femdom Stories: Birthday Commission

Someone ordered their very own custom story for a birthday gift for a very lucky sub, and kindly gave me permission to re-post the contents here for everyone to enjoy. She got home with the rustle of plastic shopping bags: groceries for dinner, a white box from the bakery tied with twine, and a bag […]

His Collar, My Needs

For Christmas, I got LadyCobra (a leather worker, among her many talents) to make up a play collar in a rich, dark chocolate brown to add the Wildcard’s Christmas basket. It’s a prototype, as she expands her business, and it was something missing from the toy collection. Why a collar? D/s involves a lot of […]

What Is Dominance, Anyway?

So, I’ve talked before about the gap between expectations for dominants versus the reality of making this work for your personality. We have all done to death theorizing why femdoms appear to be in short supply, what I haven’t talked about as much is trying to describe what it is. Dominance is a tricky beast […]

2013 in Review

Wow, 2013! It’s been one year of serious and regular updating and I can say that it’s been a more than successful experiment: 40K visits, of which 28K of you were unique hits! When I started OMissPearl, it was just as a repository for my writing, mostly created to deal with the lack of general control […]