2013 in Review

Wow, 2013! It’s been one year of serious and regular updating and I can say that it’s been a more than successful experiment: 40K visits, of which 28K of you were unique hits!

When I started OMissPearl, it was just as a repository for my writing, mostly created to deal with the lack of general control and exposure on Fetlife’s “writing” section. Since that time I’ve been proud to participate in a community wide dialogue between kinky folk all around the world, as well as getting some very touching feedback.

Of the course of last year I’ve gone through some pretty major life upheavals as well. In January 2013 I ended a six year relationship, a hard choice but the right one for me. in May 2013 I got a visit from Strong– although the relationship we developed didn’t last, I’ll always remember the place he had in my life fondly- then, for year end I gave things another shot, and you guys have been patiently following along with me developing something new with Wildcard.

Top Content at OMissPearl:

And here’s looking forward to another great year of writing and reading in 2014!