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Femdom Movie Review: Dogs Don’t Wear Pants

TL;DR Verdict: Oneric *deeply* dark romantic comedy. Expect fucked up visuals and a view into kink as filthy. Protagonist is super unhealthy, but this is in the camp as “Secretary” more so than “The Piano Teacher”. Now for a more detailed review… Boy meets girl, boy obsessed over unhealthy behaviours, girl is attracted to his […]

You Won’t Guess How I Use A Magic Wand…

I just ordered not one but two Magic Wands, the workhorse dependable of the sex toy set, one for me and one for a friend. There’s some standards you get used to, the rabbit (really not very trendy anymore), the Aneros, a bullet vibe, a vibrating cock ring, the CB(whatevernumber)000 in all its ugly clear […]

Femdom Review “The Butters” Oil Based Lube

I like this, but not for sex. From time to time, as a blogger, I’m privileged to get random free samples shucked my way, for the publicity my talking about it gives, and also beta testing. In the case of The Butters, an oil based lube, it is one of the nicest moisturizers I have […]

Femdom Review: SVACOM Cathy, Yay or Nae?

SVACOM asked me to review a part of their catalog, the pink silicone skin vibrator titled “Cathy”. There’s only one problem, I generally find 99% of vibes, through no fault of their own, leave my lady parts cold. And numb. But still, here I am with a $ vibrator and wondering how to give it […]

Femdom Review: The Control Book by Peter Masters

Or, as an unofficial subtitle… A Manual on How to be That Guy. This is a bad book. It gets a lot wrong, wastes a lot of the reader’s time doing it. I’m going to be charitable and suggest that Masters is expressing himself poorly and would never endorse violations of consent. However, based on […]

Femdom Review: Safe Words by Drury Jamison

Title: Safe Words By: Drury Jamison Tl;DR: Your standard thriller romance, with a jaded cop hero, but  bonus femdom self discovery. There’s a handful of books with this title (and zip between the covers to do with it, other than an offhand romantic joke) but Jamison breathes some pleasant life into a by the numbers plot. […]

The Unbound Box Rocked My Socks

Every blogger likes loot. In disclosure before I talk about the Unbound Box, the origin of this was a freebie with no expectations other than reviewing it, but I can confidently say I loved what I got. I liked the presentation, I liked the contents and I found the company itself super pleasant to work […]

Unbound by Cara McKenna: Femdom Romance That Gets It

Wanna know how you can take the tropes and rules of the genre of romance and make a well realized self discovery setting with flawed but pleasant characters, and write a femdom story that is believable? Tired of erotica aimed at sub men and looking for something written to please a female dominant? Unbound, by […]

Femdom Review: Dancing Backward- An Adventure in Male Submission

Dancing Backward: An Adventure in Male Submission by Thomas Lavalle Nope, didn’t like it. Dancing Backward was a pretty good example of how not to make me happy, and really a good percent of what is wrong with femdom porn if you are trying to appeal to female readers. Or male ones who don’t get something […]

Femdom Review: Roar of Thunder

Roar of Thunder by Gia Dawn Roar of Thunder is what I’d describe as a Switch Romance- a story where both characters are competing to dominate the other. From my personal perspective I like a little competition in my dynamic and I don’t mind the idea of mutual thwacking. Switches are also extremely under-served. And […]