4 (Completed) Korean Femdom Comics to Check Out

One of the biggest requests I get is to recommend content that’s not about dommes, but created for us. I have no idea what korea is putting in the water, but there’s a huge amount of Manwha, a korean equivalent term to Manga, with clear femdom themes. Although fan translations abound, I prefer to share the official commercial releases so that folks can vote with their dollars and encourage more content like this to be produced.

These four femdom comics are also just a tiny sampling of what I’ve been reading and tracking so far, chosen because they are also completed. That means there’s no risk that they will spontaneously undermine or worse eliminate the domme from the story (looking at you, Castlevania). However, these are adventure/romances, and none of these stories should be taken as anything other than fantasy. As long term readers may have noticed, my fantasies run the gamut from cozy femdom to downright nasty, and readers who need to stay exclusively on the gentle side should pay attention to the content notes.

Sadistic Beauty by Lee Geumsan & Woo Yeonhui

The story a Domme’s self discovery and the people who obsessed with her. This comic is the one that turned me on to the sheer options out there. This is not, however, a story about flawless and wholesome relationships, but also about navigating giving up on bad stereotypes around kink… or not.

Why I like this: While the protagonist, Doona, isn’t a role model, it’s rare to see a comic that is more interested in the domme gaze and her experience than the feelings of the sub. Lush art and flawed characters grow from what looks like a much more intended to be throw away story about bossy, trashy roommate.

CN: Noncon and unsafe practices ahoy, this is a soap opera with a flawed protagonist and one of the epilogues is just dark and miserable.

The King and the Paladin by IRINBI, Park JiEun

After reclaiming the throne in a bloody coup, newly crowned Calliope is quick to flex her powers to recall her childhood sweetheart Ezekiel to be her royal consort. Once a young orphan in a monastery, now a noble Paladin in a neighboring land, his faith is more than willing to hand him over to curry favour. Though tied by promises in the past, many years have gone by and the brutal King has no time for excuses.

Why I like this: While often bashed by comic fans for the titular king’s cruelty, and hamstrung by being filed as romance rather than going all out in the porn, the reality is this tells a bog standard “tyrant wants to claim me” tale. And, it’s definitely catering to my desire to leer at vulnerable men.

CN: Noncon and very brutal violence

A Harem For My Empress by Fuyao Culture

The Emperor has died, leaving his grieving widow as dowager-regent until their son comes of age. Only, as this former ruler is reborn into the body of a member of her now sizeable harem, he is forced to confront that the meek and supposedly submissive consort he knew in life was nothing like the illusion he had of her. Intrigue ensues, as she asserts her power and he must decide if he can put aside his pride and come to support the real her in the face of challenges and perils to his son’s claim on the throne.

Why I like this: Kinky sex serves as a metacommentary on how gender roles suppress female sexual fulfillment, including exploration of dominance. I think it could have leaned a little harder into the harem part, but it does hammer home that you don’t need to end in a perfect matriarchy to arrive at healthy female dominance.

CN: Noncon, and for folks uncomfortable with switching, some scenes of the female main character not having the upper hand.

My Master The Wolf Queen by KIM SUO, Richi

A prince of a captive nation, offered as a slave concubine. An ice hearted, brutal tyrant who treats men like disposable candy. A deep thread of intense vulnerability within that woman, waiting to be discovered. Also, werewolves.

Why I like this: It’s full out train to crazy town, but unabashedly happy to gaze flip and suggest men can be objectified.

CN: Noncon, a LOT of violence