Friday Femdom Fiction: Sweat & Service

She took the stairs slowly, feeling the burn in her thighs and up into her hips. Her chest felt the press of the sprints she’d just completed, and shook her head, letting her loose, long hair sway, trying to cool herself, holding the elastic she’d pulled from her sleep and sweat tangled hair and the coiled up cord of her headphones.

First the front steps, up a story, the door, with it’s glass panels, and the inside steps, all the way up again, to the inner door. She was tired.

He was waiting there, at the top of the steps, his legs folded under him in a prayer pose, head bowwed and palms flat on the floor, long arms a little forward, as if in supplication.

The slight askewness in the way he was kneeling that said he had heard her coming at the first rattle of the door and got into position. She guessed rushing from the bedroom, or maybe he’d lumbered from his bed as far as the kitchen.


She smiled, stopped and rested her hand on the wall, plucking her phone from the taut pocket made by the tight grip of her sports bra and dropping it, keys, cord and elastic onto the hall stand.

His fingers went for the laces of her shoes, sensible trainers with white, honeycomb mesh and big white soft plastic, like rubber and panels of bright colours in purple and neon and reflective grey. She always put a double knot in the bow and laced her feet in tight, like it was a corset.

He kissed her then, on the crossed lace strip of her right instep, peeling her shoes off to reveal the padded grey ankle socks she was wearing underneath. Her feet were damp, clean sweat, fresh, and she smiled as he hooked a finger into the band of her socks and peeled them off, feeling him lifter her foot to kiss at her soles and then her calf and thigh.

He tasted salt, tongue darting our, delicately, seeking up the creamy inside of her leg until her hand pushed him away. “Fetch me a glass of water. No ice”

When he got up, she followed him into the kitchen, where he took a glass from the shelf and ran the tap for a moment to be sure the temperature was cool. She finished it in big gulps, plunking the spent vessel on the counter and lazily making her order an announcement- “Undress me.”

He knelt again, to pull down her brief shorts, black knit, drawstring drawn all ruffled to sit on her narrow waist but stretch fabric filled by the swell of her wide hips. She stretched, pointing her toes as she stepped free of the discarded garment, and he saw the jut of her hip bones beneath the thin fabric of her cotton panties, and the dark shadow of her groin.

He kissed and licked her pale belly, tongue making a trace to her rib flare, where his lips nipped at the bone, before moving behind her. The sports bra was a tight stretch of black elastic, pressing her small breasts, tight as he pulled it up, and she indulgently let her arms move up, making it easy. He got a rich waft of her smell from her smell, intoxicating, pheromone laden.

“Touch me.”

She didn’t need to explain what she meant, caressing her body, around to cup her bared breasts, kissing the back of her neck, and reaching around, palm sliding down her stomach and finger finding the furred fold of her labia, playing, getting a wriggle and then a pleased noise. Her hand crept behind her, making explorations of her own. “Serve me.’

His mouth traced from neck to shoulder, even as his fingers returned to her back, finding all the placed he knew she liked to feel him press, then cleaving to her sinking lower, back down to kneeling as he nuzzled the fullness of her ass. Hand and mouth, and then she let a giggle escape as his impish nature tempted him too much to nip at one perfect rounded cheek.

“Bad boy, serve your Mistress and go set up a shower.”

Other Places To Go Part V

Yaye! It’s time for a link share of cool stuff that caught my eye. kissinghim A fantastic post on reddit, discussing starting out as a female dominant and practical things you can try in the bedroom with a partner, that doesn’t focus on filling the fantasy dominatrix role.

A very talented artist did a comic with female dominant themes that would have appealed to teenage proto-dom me in a SFW story about a selkie and a fisherwoman.

Not Just Bitchy is being clever again, with some basic but needed advice on getting a service dynamic off the ground.

Femdom Story Update

Enjoying my BDSM & femdom stories and thinking about getting yourself something as a treat or getting a gift for someone else?

I get tons on requests from fans of my fiction to cover specific tops or explore ideas- maybe you want to see a particular fetish given some real justice, or maybe nobody’s writing quite what you are looking for so far. To go with my high quality writing, I’m updating our pricing, to give you the opportunity to enjoy longer pieces of bespoke fiction and better reflect the types of projects people want to order. That means a price drop on stories over 2K words in length!

Wondering about the possibilities? Some stories people have ordered include a special couple time story as a birthday gift; a steamy encounter between a female police officer and the poor boy she decides to prey on;  the secrets of a female society plotting to subjugate all men for their pleasure; and my favourite, when Wonder Woman showed Superman who’s boss in the way we know darn well suits both the characters.

Check out the new rates to get yourself the erotica you’ve always dreamed about here.

Friday Femdom Fiction: Body Writing Brat

The cuffs were soft leather, wrapped around each slender wrist and holding his arms over his head, bound to the headboard, while a crimson scarf was twice wrapped across his eyes, blinding in soft layers of silk fabric.

She looked over him, naked, remembering the rough stripping she’s done, with the way the snaps of his shirt had popped and his pants and briefs had come down together in one quick yank. One leg half curled up, and she pushed down on his knee, making him flat to the mattress.

There was a scattering of hair over his chest and a thicker stroke of dark over his belly. and cradling his groin in an intimate way that always made her want to press her face there and let her teasing tongue find its own path.

Instead, she kept her removed posture and considered for a moment, before she began, opening the flap of the orange box and pulling out one of the thick pens by the brightly coloured cap.

“Let’s use your favourite shade then? It’ll show up nice and clear on your skin when our friends get here for the party.”

The wet tip of the marker brushed over his skin. He smelled of clean laundry and maleness, his skin reminding her of butter and summer sun bleached grass. The marker was blue, tapered nub dabbing sky tinted ink in curves and straight lines.

“That tickles!”

“Shhhh… You hated wearing the sign even more.”

“Miiiiiiss!” He whined, drawing it out. “Heeeeey!”

“Be good.” Her hand took his thigh, giving it a warning squeeze. “You’re a bad boy and everyone’s going to know it after I’m done.”

“What are you writing?”

“What you are and all the things you did wrong.”

“I can’t see!”

“You know what you did. You can guess what it says.”

“Seducer of women?” Even with his eyes covered, she could see the coy challenge.

“Slut!” The marker was drawn away from his skin as she flipped his leg over, twisting his hip up to land a solid spank on target.

He yelped,  and when she released his thigh he lay flat, letting her straddle him and add another line of writing.”

“Came without permission, without even taking a picture for me to look at. And such a smart mouth. Always answers back. Never does what he’s told… Oh and you bit Miss Jenny!”

“Miss Jenny said I didn’t dare do it. And she liked it!”

There was another smack and a yelp. “And you’re not holding still! You have one job and that’s to lie on your back and let me write. We shall underline ‘disobedient’ shall we?”

“There, much better. Time to take some souvenirs.” She knew he could hear the recorded click noise of her cell phone’s camera.

“Let me see!”

“I don’t think so. Not for a bad boy.” She leaned over him now and gave a kiss, just as the phone in her hand buzzed. “Oh, that’s them, they’re downstairs!”

Just a little flustered, she reached for the buckles freeing him. “I’d better go answer the door. Mind you get tea together when you come out, and bring it to us on a tray. There won’t be any illusions what you are to me when they read this.”

When she left the room he could hear her feet down the hall and then on the steps, and the sound of voices. He took off the blindfold without untying it, curiosity drawing him to the mirror.

Property of Miss ___



Answers Back

Caution: Bites

He made a tsking noise and found the discarded box of markers. In orange scrawl, lopsided above everything he added one more word. Beloved.

Femdom Life: Spanking Him On Camera

showcase_MPThe last couple of weeks have been rough as far as health problems that have seen Wildcard and I both hitting clinics within short days of each other. While neither one of us is dying, we both aren’t helped by the summer humidity either.

Friday evening, after yet another stress filled day, I went for my thrice weekly run, leaving Wildcard all by his lonesome. Stress seriously cuts down on sex time, as does being under the weather, and with him starting to feel a bit better he was hinting a certain interest.

After putting in my usual time and distance in sneakers, I came back to find him with laptop on his lap, gently stroking his half hard cock while chatting with a room full of strangers. He perked up and suggested that I could join in, tie him up and tease him, to which I gave him one of my patented looks. I am not a big fan of dominance on demand. with me you don’t call the shots and set the script. You can suggest sexy ideas, but it isn’t going to fly if you try to put my urges and control on rails.

He didn’t end up tied up to the bed, but he did end up edging himself and then bent over my knee for a mean, hard spanking while everyone he’d been entertaining earlier continued to watch. Hand was soon switched up for a belt, probably my favourite of his to use, a big thick piece of supple brown leather.

I had him on all fours, facing the camera and reaching underneath himself to keep his cock hard- and his facial reactions showed me that he was experiencing some intense sensations from the leather striping his cheeks, while the colour changed to a bright pink, blossoming from the blush of his warm up to a good ruddy rose of a proper bare skin spanking.

The reactions are the best part for me, watching the intensity in his face as I made him count off loud so everyone of the people in the chat room could hear. It’s not the first time I ended up spanking him on camera for anyone to watch, but Wildcard is a horny little exhibitionist who get both extremely turned on and extremely humiliated with an audience. As well as the usual horny guys drooling over me, we got a couple of ladies getting into seeing him paddled, gratifying since I like it better when he doesn’t get treated like he doesn’t exist. And I knew that kind of attention is Wildcard’s big weakness, so you can bet he was feeling extra vulnerable and submissive to whatever sadistic cruelty I intended. Spanking him on camera for women to watch is a huge fetish for him!

He was the one who noticed the little wet patch under me, a mark on the sheet where I’d been resting, but it was me who told him that he had to fuck me without coming- as long as he could manage, stretching it out as his thick cock filled me up. We started with me astride, riding him, but pretty soon he tipped me back and made himself take his time while I teased him by gripping his cock with the muscles of my cunt.

He took a long time just like I ordered, waiting a minute after I gave him permission before finally cumming with a loud muffled groan into my neck. We ended up spooned up after that, with various audience members indicating their appreciation.

The problem with a live crowd, of course, is that you don’t control them, so it’s no wonder that sometimes the questions get a bit weird. I’ve been compared to people’s stepdaughters. and we often get bombarded with requests for butt stuff. This time we got asked: So, is he the biggest guy you’ve ever fucked?

The girthiest. Even super turned on as I was, he’s a tight fit.

Friday Femdom Fiction: Breath Control

The ribs of he corset pulled in on her ribs, steel bending soft bone and pushing creamy breast up, pillowy at the satin edged top of the construction. Her body pushed back, straight lined bones forced to be an hour glass that bllowed sharply beneath into the roundness of her hips. Uncontained , but for the black cross strap of the garters and the little scrap of lace panties. She’d put her stocking clad feet into heels, but those had been kicked off when she’d pushed him back into the bed and climbed on top.

He could feel her weight, warm and soothing, her palms pushing on his chest. She giggled and whispered, “The safeword is to tap. If I see you thumping me, yourself or the bed, I know you’ve had enough.”

Her hand had teased his cock, petting whole hand strokes like she was stroking a cat, then running her hand up his belly and chest, feeling the light brush of hair, before skipping to his face. Her fingers pinched off his nose and her other hand cupped over his lips, sealing off his air.

She watched his face, helpless, eyes getting wider until he began to pat at her thigh and she released, letting him exhale and draw a breath.

“Breathe. Breathe out.”Her hands went back over his mouth and nose. She held them there, feeling him try and fail to suck more than a few whistles of air around the seal she’d made. When she saw the hints of a struggle, she removed her hands again. “Breathe.”

While he took in air again, her hand crept back to his cock, teasing and pulling where it was already half swollen. He moaned and she made a muffled sound of delight, something between a giggle and a contented murr.

“Breathe. Breathe out.” This time it was her mouth, not her hand that sealed his mouth. He’d kept a little air, which she breathed out for him, through her nose, and then drew in a breath, feeling her corset creak as her chest expanded, feeding him.

He made almost no movement, only cringing back into the bed, but holding himself at her mercy. She was alert and careful, watching everything he did, making sure he weakened but never truly slipped too far. His eyes were wild and wide, fearing even though he could push her off with one arm, and his cock stayed snap-stiff with hardly any attention.

She tugged of the little scrap of stretchy lace, now wet through, tossing her panties off the bed and rubbed her groin to his, letting the wetness and the grooves of her cunt tease and slide him into the right position, before letting him sheath inside her. Perched over, and around him, her hands went back to his mouth again, stealing his air and squeezing inside. “Breathe. Breathe out.”

She alternated then, only wriggling her hips when his air was stolen, so that each gasp was made as she loomed over him, smiling. “You want to come, don’t you?”

He didn’t waste air talking, nodding as he sucked in greedy breaths before she took it away again.

“Come then, come in me.”

The orgasm was violent, twisting him into an arch bend, head rolling back, open mouth breaking the air seal on her hand. She took them away, finally, and let him finish spasming that way, pulling in air even as all his strength was stolen from him.

He was pale, and sweat dappled, while her palms were clammy from his exhalations. She kissed him again, this time feather light, slipping her weight off of his as she shifted to his side. “Breathe. I’m done.”