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Friday Femdom Fiction: Sweat & Service

She took the stairs slowly, feeling the burn in her thighs and up into her hips. Her chest felt the press of the sprints she’d just completed, and shook her head, letting her loose, long hair sway, trying to cool herself, holding the elastic she’d pulled from her sleep and sweat tangled hair and the […]

Other Places To Go Part V

Yaye! It’s time for a link share of cool stuff that caught my eye. A fantastic post on reddit, discussing starting out as a female dominant and practical things you can try in the bedroom with a partner, that doesn’t focus on filling the fantasy dominatrix role. A very talented artist did a comic with […]

Femdom Story Update

Enjoying my BDSM & femdom stories and thinking about getting yourself something as a treat or getting a gift for someone else? I get tons on requests from fans of my fiction to cover specific tops or explore ideas- maybe you want to see a particular fetish given some real justice, or maybe nobody’s writing […]

Friday Femdom Fiction: Body Writing Brat

The cuffs were soft leather, wrapped around each slender wrist and holding his arms over his head, bound to the headboard, while a crimson scarf was twice wrapped across his eyes, blinding in soft layers of silk fabric. She looked over him, naked, remembering the rough stripping she’s done, with the way the snaps of his […]

Femdom Life: Spanking Him On Camera

The last couple of weeks have been rough as far as health problems that have seen Wildcard and I both hitting clinics within short days of each other. While neither one of us is dying, we both aren’t helped by the summer humidity either. Friday evening, after yet another stress filled day, I went for my thrice […]

Friday Femdom Fiction: Breath Control

The ribs of he corset pulled in on her ribs, steel bending soft bone and pushing creamy breast up, pillowy at the satin edged top of the construction. Her body pushed back, straight lined bones forced to be an hour glass that bllowed sharply beneath into the roundness of her hips. Uncontained , but for […]