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Don’t Date Your Therapist: A Response

Eris Martinet wrote a manifesto of sorts, and I have a disagreement. It’s here: Psycho-Sexual Domination and Its Healing Potential It’s one of the biggest ethical nonos for a professional mental health care provider,  and a pithy piece of good advice for everyone looking at setting boundaries in their relationship in the appropriate level of […]

Eating Ayn Rand

I instruct him to open his mouth and hold the book there, gagging him. I tell him with explicit openness that it is revolting, that Libertarianism is like a cock cage for your personality. That women are disproportionately employed in the public sector because the nature of its hiring practices allow us the benefits of a meritocracy.

New Year, New Me, New Rules

Even if my heart attaches itself, as it is wont to do, nothing worth it requires me to cast off all balance to claim it. Dates, dance classes, flirting, fun. Busy, but aware.

New Years Eve, A Sub & A (First) Kiss

I promised him his first ever, real kiss, for New Years Eve. I wasn’t planning on moving that fast, still covered in Brick dust, still reeling from by what at turns was ripping off a bandaid and putting a kitten down, but when you find out that you have a perplexing puzzle box of a guy who is at once about the same level of perversity as you, has pursued it, and… has made it four decades without a kiss on the mouth, the Aesthetic demands sacrifice.