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Femdom Role Model

For me, the paucity of female dominants creates another problem. Specifically  as much as I argue against the idea that a mentor is a requirement, scarcity allows for definition of the role by the few, and this is a role with very few people in it indeed, the most vocal of which are paid to dominate. So from […]

Bones and Flesh and Pressure Points, Sex.

An almost half year dry spell marked my Divorce’s conclusion. For a variety of reasons I waited a long time to try all those basic aspects of the flesh. It was not without encouragement to the contrary, as friends and even Strong tried to coax me to find someone or something to fill the ah… breach. I […]

Cupcakes and Streamers

I turned 27 at the end of last week. My living room is still festooned with bunting and balloons, rainbow dollar store streamers put up with tape, hanging in frothy swathes. Leftover high end cupcakes sit in tupperware, frozen because that much sugar in the half dozen in one go would stun a horse. I […]

Cargo Cult Career

I’m working straight through the weekend and I feel, overwhelmingly like I’m engaging in some form of cargo cult more than doing anything meaningful. I really, really want a Career with a capital C. Right now I’m underpaid, over worked and messing about with what the trappings I think a career should look like. I have suits, […]

Sex And Housekeeping

Images taken from here: The Perfect Housewife At work, I’m doing two and a half people’s jobs, thanks to the quitting of the person one step above me on the ladder. The green of spring had really gotten going, which meant that copious amounts of tree cum are ending up my nose. There’s been shit tests aplenty, […]

F*cking Organizing

So I’m the host to the 18-35 munch in Montreal at the moment, and we’ve been wildly successful and got very big. There’s some problems though. See this as a release of steam, I’m not mad at the munch guests. 1) The age thing- people trying to squeak under in their late 30s or older, […]