Cupcakes and Streamers

Not my cake, I had cupcakes I turned 27 at the end of last week. My living room is still festooned with bunting and balloons, rainbow dollar store streamers put up with tape, hanging in frothy swathes. Leftover high end cupcakes sit in tupperware, frozen because that much sugar in the half dozen in one go would stun a horse.

I got a very pleasant visit for my birthday (I shall speak more on that later) and integral part of assembling the day together. As a result I have more or less dropped off the map, which is pleasant, though I utterly fucked ordering the munch for this month. Still, it’s nice when everything comes together perfectly.

As far as how it happened, that was a matter of delegation and getting exactly what you want. On that note, I got asked by someone random “(what a) Domme would like to have for Her birthday from Her subs, slaves, friend, boyfriend etc…” I wanted a made-to-order birthday.

Given the choice of various gifts, this one pretty much fits exactly what I want. And at the end of the day that’s pretty similar to what I think I would have wanted as a vanilla person.

Go on, say what you think!

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