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I’m working straight through the weekend and I feel, overwhelmingly like I’m engaging in some form of cargo cult more than doing anything meaningful. I really, really want a Career with a capital C. Right now I’m underpaid, over worked and messing about with what the trappings I think a career should look like.

I have suits, but nowhere to wear a power suit to. I am doing all sorts of exciting things, designing a sales and marketing campaign, learning Google analytics in my spare time, working evenings and weekends… and I feel like I’m being driven by the idea of what a Good Job is supposed to look like and no idea if this is basically some sort of corporate shamanism where I align the bones and sigils in the hope of uncovering some sort of buzz word laden, money attracting magic.

Let’s face it, despite all the Christian Greys and fur coat having wealthy Venuses, the average dom doesn’t have a high power/high class lifestyle attached. I have no clue what class I am- I grew up on welfare and various government assistant programs due to regular financial insolvency in my family. At first that was the understandable consequence of being the kid of a single mother, but the rest seems to be inexplicable bad luck and quite a bit of mismanagement. On the other hand I’m relatively privileged  I got through shit thus far with a BA and no student debt.

To be honest I want a Career because of a deep seated financial insecurity caused by growing up at the mercy of other people’s employment prospects. I don’t buy into the idea of being an uber Dom with impeccable self control and yet… I want control and security in a wa that borders on pathalogical. I’m honestly really happy to have money, any money. I’m extremely materialistic, not in the sense of acquiring all the latest tech toys but thinking in terms of life being something that’s bought piece by piece.

This month, for example, I upgraded my bedding to something stupendously comfortable. I found an inexpensive bed spread to cover my beat up couch. Just thinking about this *stuff* makes me feel happier. It’s not a popular opinion, because I think you’re supposed to take this sort of thing for granted or be above it. And yet…

This leads me to second guess my romantic desire for dominance. In an ideal scenario, I want some sort of Career with a house husband or otherwise to me the earner, have money and be valued for making money. I also want to be the decider in my relationship beyond the bedroom and that makes me uncomfortable- am I doing it for them or for me, and is it fair to leverage this based on cash? Do I want that because it’s realistic for me, or because I distrust other people? This probably is just Worrying About Being Dominant and Being Guilty.

So not only am I worrying, careerwise, that I won’t be able to hack a system posited on fundamental inequalities that I’m not even sure I should support, but I have to wonder if the sort of inequalities I’m fetishizing are the very ones I’d rather shatter in reality. Never mind, I support amnesty international and have water boarded two people.  There’s room for me to become an evil suit… if I can just figure it out.


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One thought on “Cargo Cult Career

  1. Introspection is great and important. We all worry about why we do things and whether or not we’ll fear the answers to those questions. I also think d-types of all genders are encourages, perhaps subconciously, to not question themselves or their decisions on why they act a certain way. Which is bullshit.

    I’d also argue that as much as people would like to argue that they are not materialist at all, they are lying. Everyone likes nice things, even if they are not directly motivated by money.

    It’s about finding the ying to your yang. Plenty of relationships (both vanilla and kink) are built on only one partner being the breadwinner, and the other staying home – this does not make it a financial relationship. Even within F/m relationships, there are cases where the woman stays at home and the man works, cases where she works and he doesn’t and cases where they both do. None of these are inherently right or wrong. They just are.

    *Usually* a relationship would be begin where finances are completely separate. By the time they get combined, it should be a non-issue. The other aspects of the relationship are what the relationship was built on – not who is bringing home the paycheck. Hopefully you are able to find a partner who is willing to be the homemaker, willing to keep it all running while you support them financially. But the relationship wasn’t built on that originally and is thus not a relationship based on finances. And you will find that person, it’s only a matter of time.


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