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Me and Poly (And Monogamy, and Sorta-Monogamy)

So, what am I, anyway? I am complicated when it comes to the subject of monogamy. Personally I don’t think I’m one of nature’s 100% monogamists, but I’m not fully cut out for full bore sharing. A recent fetlife thread asked readers to justify monogamy, which I think is a good leaping off place. Why […]

BDSM Play Party Fun Times & Flogging Practice

Three dominant women on one bottom, flogging lessons, a really slutty outfit, public sex. How was your weekend? So, last weekend I went to one of Montreal’s classier dungeons for a BDSM play party- that’s coming from a part of the quadrant of the scene that I participate in, although the means by which you […]

Review: Little Submissions Collected Short Stories Pt. 1

There are few writers more influential on my own femdom stories than Vague (Jerry Jones), of Little Submissions. Imaginative, violent and loving, he manages to capture both all the playfulness and the creative cruelty you can find in D/s done right. And, I had the good fortune of a long term fan of his stuff […]

Why A Special Protocol To Approach Dominant Women Is A Dumb Idea

Brief break from emotional gut spilling and porn, for something that was sitting in drafts- a rant on why it’s a bad idea to try to develop a universal approach for doms. This one gets bandied about on forums a lot- how to reach out to dominant women in a way that’s not offensive to […]

Reader Letter: Second Thoughts After Pushing A Limit

We have our second ever reader letter! SecondThoughts is brave enough to share their experience with exploring limits and what can go wrong. Hi Miss Pearl, First off, long time lurker, first time poster. Me and my play partner, are both newish to BDSM. We were discussing for something trying to push one of my […]

Friday Femdom Fiction: You Can’t Get What You Want

Nature made her curvy and gave her the will to make men weak. In a kinder world, she would have been as yielding and plaint as the supple softness of her body. Instead, she’s learned that she loved the way it let her lead and torment. She fed off them, desired their desire, often more […]

Topping From All Angles (And A Bit Of How I Dom)

Let’s talk about topping from the bottom. Recently I did tentative discussions about stuff with someone about kinky fun times- the usual things about what happens to whom, and how. and, over the course of very gentle exploration, we discussed that there were things he liked, yes, but he didn’t want me to think he […]

Post Mortum Of My Relationships To This Date

So various things happened to me over the last month or two, which has strangled updates down to a trickle. ┬áIn the first place work decided to be a pain in the butt and then laid me off. Then stuff happened regarding Strong and other… stuff. It makes me introspective about my life choices, especially […]

Myself, and Moving On

Let’s talk about my love life, these days, shall we? My nails bite into his back, but he takes them, sharp as they are, and he is unbreakable. His skin in thick, the muscle underneath taut to the point of hardness. I stab and press and nothing makes him yield, but gradually, with my strength […]