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18-35 Munch

Last Thursday was the 18-35 munch, an event that has exploded in size at this point, and now is pulling in quite the large group. We’re meeting in a larger bar now, and with our general scale I’m having to discourage older persons from attending. We had a few old people slip in this time, […]

State of the Dis-Union

I took care of some tax paperwork that needed doing, and followed up with the Ex so he knew that as far as cofiling for 2012, the ball’s in his court again. Next month I’m turning 27. Perhaps for that reason I’m filled with a particular¬†impatience, as if nothing is coming at the speed it […]

Catamite Pt. 22

The large hall of the shooting range was empty except for six people, giving it an eerie ghost town calm. It was one of the places where Landfall taste was at war with the practicalities: no carved wood and patterned wallpaper, just dull, unreflective ricochet tile on every surface, swallowing every sound, before it could […]

Profile (And Approach): Part 2, Writing About Yourself

This is part 2 on my advice for how to make your profile sell yourself effectively. Last time we talked about choosing the¬†perfect profile picture, and so now you can be confident you have the visual side of your search taken care of. But what about the text part? Your Profile Text Opens a Conversation […]