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Review: Erotic Tales Of Female Domination, Tomio Hall-Black

Erotic Tales of Female Domination is an inexpensive ebook, containing three short stories, each one a closed BDSM scene, and each takes place within the boundary of a BDSM relationship. Everything, regardless of the theme, is consensual. Tomio also writes over at “Masculine Submission“. The first two short stories really did nothing for me. I […]

Dominant Cunt Maracas (And Kegels)

So, someone decided that the best possible way to train your vaginal muscles was weighted benwa balls. Or, as the official brand name of this toy is called, Luna Beads. They come, like many sex toys marketed to women, in non-threatening pastels. To make the experience of stuff to shove in your vadge seem classier, […]

500 Word Friday Femdom Fiction: Slap

He’d spent forty-five miserable minutes sitting on the couch while she paced and slammed cabinet doors harder than she needed to, and got herself under control, and now it was time for the reckoning. The anger was gone, and it its place a certain sort of stern-hurt. In some ways he preferred the anger, but […]

Why I Make A Big Deal About Not Being A Pro Femdom

Last time I talked at length about how the pro femdoms are an important part of the scene and that they weren’t an inherently bad thing. This time I’m going to talk more about a problem: conflating what professional dominants and non-professional dominants are as if it were identical. We need to stop acting like […]

The ProDom Problem Thing

Or: In which Miss Pearl opines on what she knows not. Disclaimer: I am not a sex worker. I do not speak for sex workers. I really hope this is not patronizing and this is me trying to think about what I’m bombarded with. Tell me why I am wrong in the comments if you […]

The Secret of Being the Best Submissive

I will punch you if you suggest there’s something wrong with my sub because he’s not a domestic slave. Okay, it will be a no contact punch, delivered with my mind through making my eyes very narrow and growling at you, probably miles away, over the internet. I never claimed to be effectual about my […]

Refugees of The Great WordPress Disaster, host of numerous free blogs, decided to apply a little more effort to enforcing their extremely vague content limitations. This meant a lot of blogs getting nuked- not just porn, but BDSM bloggers talking about their own personal love lives or trying to make a difference by providing resources. To help them rebuild, this […]

500 Word Friday Fucking Femdom Fiction: Ass Tease

His eyes were on her upturned ass, but, bending and twisting in front of him, she felt the pose in her stomach and the small of her back, in the muscles that stabilized her just slightly spread legs. Her hand swept the fall of her loose curls from where they poured over her face and […]

Hot/Cool Fictional Male “Subs”: Momo

We’ve looked at subs who were supposed to be taken seriously in the stereotypical masculine role, from fantasy lead, Richard, to the original super hero, but that’s hardly the entire picture. male submission is no limited to performance in traditional roles. This next sub, very explicitly in an Owner/pet relationship and the work deals with […]

Where Is The 50Shades Of Femdom?

Or: When are we going to see a femdom best seller? I get this as a compliment/question, when people find out about the whole femdom writer thing. People assume that I’m positioned to write the next Fifty Shades of Grey. Only for F/m relationships. Unfortunately as awesome as it would be to produce a work […]