Refugees of The Great WordPress Disaster, host of numerous free blogs, decided to apply a little more effort to enforcing their extremely vague content limitations. This meant a lot of blogs getting nuked- not just porn, but BDSM bloggers talking about their own personal love lives or trying to make a difference by providing resources. To help them rebuild, this is to share the new addresses:

Mystic’s Mind Fuck – She bills herself as insane lesbian submissive ramblings, but there’s way more content than madness. There’s some hardcore commitment to herself and healthy relationships that’s worth a boost.
Submissive in Seattle – Peroxide is commited to providing a voice in the BDSM community from the perspective of a young submissive male. With advice for newbies and sizzling erotica!

Got turfed by WordPress? Throw a comment and get added to help people find your new site!

And these are the people who have thrown in for extra love:

Exploring male submission
BDSM Ted_subby

With extra thanks to Ferns over at Domme-Chronicles.

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  1. I am not a refugee yet, but I’m moving before they can kick me. New site for Whips and Fangs is Will be announcing it on the WP site along with the August story in two days.


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