Refugees of The Great WordPress Disaster, host of numerous free blogs, decided to apply a little more effort to enforcing their extremely vague content limitations. This meant a lot of blogs getting nuked- not just porn, but BDSM bloggers talking about their own personal love lives or trying to make a difference by providing resources. To help them rebuild, this is to share the new addresses:

Mystic’s Mind Fuck – She bills herself as insane lesbian submissive ramblings, but there’s way more content than madness. There’s some hardcore commitment to herself and healthy relationships that’s worth a boost.
Submissive in Seattle – Peroxide is commited to providing a voice in the BDSM community from the perspective of a young submissive male. With advice for newbies and sizzling erotica!

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And these are the people who have thrown in for extra love:

Exploring male submission
BDSM Ted_subby

With extra thanks to Ferns over at Domme-Chronicles.

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