Who is Miss Pearl / Pearl O’Leslie?

I’m a Canadian female dominant. I write this stuff, participate in a bunch of online communities as well as real life and sometimes I cross post it places like literotica or fetlife. I am not a professional dominant, the only thing you can hire me to do is write for you. Generally I write what I know, what I like, or occasionally what I’ve researched.

You can reach me more directly via [email protected] or go here and ask me a question through our easy contact form.

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How long have you been a dom?

For me, the official label didn’t come until my early twenties, when I was looking at identity issues in kink. Basically Bitchy Jones and a question on metafilter about porn for female dominants provided a mutual catalyst to realize this descriptor fit best.

In practice, I was a kinky child, in the way that your games as a kid often reflect how you will develop, and when I started dating in high school, light kink play and exchanging fantasies with my then boyfriend was part of it. In practice I am not some experienced leather family member. I like what I get up to, and I’ve been getting up to it in real life since I was 16, but I don’t take my decade of experience seriously.

Are you looking for subs/slaves (or in other words me?!)

This one’s actually a tough one regardless of whether or not I actively am. I think, for me, courtship has to be a mutual process and even at the best of times, looking for a guy is something I personally prefer to do a lot of the the leg work on. I do a reverse friendzone, that I prefer to get to know the guy to see if I have chemistry, as friends, before I decide to glomph on.  Aggressive courtship from men and “giving people a chance” never really works for me.

I am fairly promiscuous about play, in person, with my friend group. I take owner/property fairly seriously beyond that, as a thing like having someone as a boyfriend.  So in brief, a random dude looking to be enslaved is not going to work out same as if a random guy on the street asks me to marry him. If I can’t love you at least in some capacity I can’t keep you.

Do you ever sub?

I tried it more formally when I was younger, in the name of experimentation, but I’m missing that aspect of my personality. It doesn’t make me happy, not the way that owning someone does. I am, in full self description a Dominant Sadomasochist. I like kinky sex games that are ouchy for me. I like looking after people. But the idea of being owned, for me is just not interesting.

Do you write for a living?

Yes. If you want me to write for you there’s even a specialized page for that purpose!

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I want to support the site/give you things!!!

Buy a story. Or if not that, get me a random thing from here. Or one supposes you could just, you know, give me money.

4 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Hello i saw your profile and wanted to know if you could share more information and pics?

    • @simbrosa
      I’m not going to be posting lots of pictures of myself. I’m not looking for that sort of attention.

      What information are you looking for? This blog is full of advice and personal ramblings.

  2. Femdom, Canadian, and metafilter!?
    Be still my beating heart.
    Just came across this, it looks fascinating, and I couldn’t agree with your review of Femmedom Society more. Anyways, I will be avidly reading this and thank you for this website. Advice and personal ramblings sounds just about perfect.

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