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#Service4Pearl: Candidates And Tea Interviews

Outside of a few “oh dear god!” offers, and a few people who were on slightly the wrong page (looking for naked service more so than obedient service) but were not bad for wanting something different, three people who responded to my ad have stuck around enough to consider them as possibles. I’ll be explicit […]

First Orgasm

Let me tell you about coming for the first time. Not for the first, first way back when I was twelve and my sexuality meant breaking the law, sneaking online BDSM comics I wasn’t allowed to have, and discovering my precocious side with the same hopefulness I stuffed my training bra with. I mean coming […]

Understanding A Cruel Lady – Cover Preview and Launch Day

Guess what’s coming! The art is in, and it’s as lovely as I expected. Now all that’s left before launch of book 2 in The Pet Gentleman series is final edits and cover text layout. For those of you who gave your feedback on the cover art samples you can see I took your opinion into […]

#Service4Pearl: Worst Response To Ad So Far

The inbox responses came in at a steady trickle, and alongside a few awesome guys, a few fine but not a good match guys, there’s always a few that just make you shake your head. I don’t need to tell you “don’t be that guy”, if you are reading this you are generally able to […]

#Service4Pearl: In Which I Post An Ad For A Service Sub

So I’ve decided to explore service as a kink. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about a fussy kind of valet/maid scenario, more Downton Abbey than anything more explicitly fetish. Wildcard is not a service submissive, being more of a bedroom sub, or as I often put it, strictly decorative. So, after discussing the matter with him […]