#Service4Pearl: Candidates And Tea Interviews

Outside of a few “oh dear god!” offers, and a few people who were on slightly the wrong page (looking for naked service more so than obedient service) but were not bad for wanting something different, three people who responded to my ad have stuck around enough to consider them as possibles.

I’ll be explicit about my expectations, I am looking for a unicorn scenario- a man or woman I can be friends with who wants as close as exactly what I want without requiring much in the way of compromise, but is also not looking for an intimate relationship. Needless to say there wasn’t much in the way of female identified interest to my ad, but that’s okay. I am happy to look within my social group for a lady who thinks wearing a frilly maid costume is her idea of a good time.

Qualifications That Matter Include:

  • Playful and imaginative
  • Does not sincerely believe in FemSup or “Always On” BDSM, where the Dom really is better the sub.
  • Actually into what I want and not putting up with this to get a dom, any dom
  • Will get along with everyone else (Wildcard, friends)
  • Fits into my surprisingly busy life

I screened people by asking them about their expectations- people who were strongly fixated on the obviously sexual aspects of service were gently dissuaded/politely rejected, while I talked back and forth with people who seemed more on the same page. I was also careful of people who redirected “What do you want?” back to “Whatever Miss wants!”, because contrary to it making them seem extra submissive, it hints that the person isn’t really sure about their needs.

That left me with three guys, listed in no particular order.

Catbus is so named because of a typo, cat for car, giving us a running joke about his favourite means of transportation. He’s the only one I met in person, but he’s very shy. I feel like he’s cool, but anything is going to take him getting a chance to warm up. However he’s a creative type and I bet he’d integrate well into our larger social circle. He is mostly hampered from his BDSM explorations by an evening job that inverts his social life into being a lost morning person.

We met up on a little tea place near McGill, which had the advantage of being open at all hours, tasty and away from either of our residences or work places while easy to find. I had a salted caramel cupcake and a vanilla bourbon rooibos. Numbers were exchanged, though he’s very hard to read because of the aforementioned shyness.

Classic is significantly older, and does not live in Montreal proper. He seems perfectly balanced about it, but is only in town to care for his elderly parents. We may have an issue purely based on scheduling, even before discovering if we have any degree of play compatibility. I’m also not 100% sure he is not in fact married and leaving that detail off the table, a fact that is a problem only in the sense that I don’t want to be up in someone else’s unhealthy dynamic.

Excellent potential to be my own personal Carson, one supposes.

Shoez is a foot fetishist sub, which is not uncommon. He does seem okay with the idea of not putting his mouth on my feet, and might be workable as a boot black boy, sock darner and underfootman (heh) based on how he expresses himself. However he’s very into superfluous capitalizations, so we’ll see if he can stop referring to me as “You”, which doesn’t doesn’t sound respectful to me but like someone’s all “Oh. It’s YOU.” with that sort of careful enunciation that ends with “I said GOOD DAY!”.

We’ll see if he can drop the superfluous fet speak or if it is too engrained in his desires to be purged, and whether this will end with drooly pumps.

Meanwhile of course Gentleman is contemplating setting up some sort of duplex for an upstairs/downstairs kitty maids residence scenario. Would that be living in a cat house or a cat shelter?


#Service4Pearl: Worst Response To Ad So Far

The inbox responses came in at a steady trickle, and alongside a few awesome guys, a few fine but not a good match guys, there’s always a few that just make you shake your head.

I don’t need to tell you “don’t be that guy”, if you are reading this you are generally able to understand why that guy is stupid and obnoxious. This is being shared purely because it’s the usual almost entirely out of left field, completely absurd weirdness that shows up in our inbox from time to time has the saving grace that it’s often so weird as to be funny.

Hi Amazing Lady !
Did you find your perfect sub/slave/toys?
you are truly an dream! I wish I can meet a woman as hot as you!
I’m sur you deserve to be serve and licked for hour and hour all over your amazing body!
I realy liked your profile and what you wrote !
You also have a nice fetishes list 🙂
Do you know anything about cuckolding?
Is this someting that may interess you ?
I’m pretty sur you can be an AMAZING Hotwife/cuckoldress!!!!
At least i would to talk about this with you if ever you don’t mind miss ?
Are you open to a real LTR ?
Would be a dream to have a real lady as you in my life wow So hot !
You realy seem to be very open minded and very amazing and so hot!

By example Would you love to see me going shopping for you/with you in the day, buying you sexy nice dress, shoes, accessories, cream, perfum, jewellery, everything to make even more appealing to men, and after when we got home, would you love I give you a bath, take care of your hair, cream all your amazing body, give you a long massage, put on you perfum, help you do your nails, warm you and your nice pussy with my mouth, help you to get dressed and drive you to one of yours lover and then go back home to do the home task, while waiting for your call to bring you back home, and maybe at 3 or 4 in the morning you will call me to say “Don’t wait for me sweetie Eric, I won’t go back home tonight, I will sleep to my lovers house, I will call you back tommorow at noon for you to come and pick me up.” All of this withou you asking for permission but only to le me know. then when you get back home you will ask me to please you another time by licking you to clean your pussy with my tongue from your nice creampie that your lover will have left Inside you, while you will told me everthing about your wonderfull night. then once you get your own pleasur, you will say “Thanks Eric” then you will sleep to rest yourself without having to give me back anything at all and until maybe your start back at evening. 🙂
Is this something you may like?
Is this something you may be able to do also ?

And just to prouve to you how much i really want this kind of Relationship and How much you can expect from me my full devotion to your pleasur and to prouve yourself that Only your pleasur will always count for me

So if you were telling me that you want to be completely exclusive to your lover/bulls and never ever let me penetrate you and this from the start thne I would accept it!!!
So if you where the kind of girl to tell me on our wedding night “Listen Eric, it’s official now, you never ever penetrate me up to know and you would never ever!
and you show me a new tatoo near by your amazing pussy!
A tatoo that say “VIP Only, Husband forbideen!!!”

That tatoo will not only remember to me each time i go down on you that i will never ever know the feeling and the pleasur to be Inside you while any other men can, but will also make Lucky all your lover and bull knowing they can fuck you but even your husband can’t!

What do you think about this?
Is in it a very good proof?
Would you like it or even require it from me ?

Please let me know
Hope to read more form you very soon

Dear Idiot:

I’m in a relationship already, and this references nothing I mentioned in my ad. Also in the unlikely event I get a tattoo, I’d like to think it would be spelled properly.



#Service4Pearl: In Which I Post An Ad For A Service Sub

So I’ve decided to explore service as a kink.

Specifically, I’ve been thinking about a fussy kind of valet/maid scenario, more Downton Abbey than anything more explicitly fetish. Wildcard is not a service submissive, being more of a bedroom sub, or as I often put it, strictly decorative. So, after discussing the matter with him and giving it more thought than is probably even reasonable, I composed and ad and posted it up on fetlife.

I’m looking more for a shorter term arrangement, and not a secondary relationship- basically a friend who wants to experiment and not a full time sub. I have a very clear picture in my mind of what I want, and a long list of things I don’t like.

There’s a lot to unpack in this for me. In the first place, as much as I don’t mind and even enjoy Wildcard’s extracurricular activities, the idea of sharing him with him having a full time sub makes me feel slightly distressed, so similarly I don’t think it’s a good place to try to run a concurrent relationship even if he’d tolerate imbalance. On that, I worry that I’ll be offering possible people a bad deal because I can only offer a limited amount of myself.

But it might be enough, so why not try it anyway?

Before setting out on this I tried to do a lot of research particularly with Tilari, of “How Not To Suck A Service Submission“, an expert on the subject matter, and she was kind enough to tell me a bit about what makes up a good ad, and a good request. She suggested that a good thing to aim for would be to be very clear about my guidelines and what I was looking for. That means down to laying out the kind of tasks I was interested in and my expectations instead of just referencing a “service sub”.

I think this is pretty reasonable- and it also meant a good excuse to talk about what I expected to give back in explicit terms, as well as to address the sort of trade for the “exchange” part of the power exchange. For me, I find the idea of acting like a dominatrix sterotype gross, but I see the sub’s fulfillment as essential to a healthy relationship.

I’m not looking for a naked house cleaner, but neither did I want to assume that me being a dom should be enough.

You’ll see the ad I created, after the jump…

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