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  1. Kevin Richards

     /  September 24, 2016

    I just found this page!!!! Thank you !!!!! I am Kevin a submissive male, I do not fit the stereotype of a submissive, and that has made things a bit awkward for me. Shaved head, tattoos, exmilitary now work in corrections take care of myself, educated. Sorry if this sound like a dating ad. I have had one Miss and we were together about 2 years, it was awesome in the beginning, but she said she wanted just one sub, and found out she had a lot more going on, like a husband and kids, I was blinded by my own WANTS of serving a Miss that I ignored the signs.. I left her a year ago and now ready to try again.. Any advice would be awesome!! I will continue to read and enjoy your site!!! Thanks!!!

  1. Reader Letter: Psychological BDSM & 24/7 Submission - O Miss Pearl

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