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5 thoughts on “Ask A Question/Contact Me”

  1. I just found this page!!!! Thank you !!!!! I am Kevin a submissive male, I do not fit the stereotype of a submissive, and that has made things a bit awkward for me. Shaved head, tattoos, exmilitary now work in corrections take care of myself, educated. Sorry if this sound like a dating ad. I have had one Miss and we were together about 2 years, it was awesome in the beginning, but she said she wanted just one sub, and found out she had a lot more going on, like a husband and kids, I was blinded by my own WANTS of serving a Miss that I ignored the signs.. I left her a year ago and now ready to try again.. Any advice would be awesome!! I will continue to read and enjoy your site!!! Thanks!!!

  2. I need help, my boyfriend has never been a sub before but for some reason he chose me to be his femdom (which I’ve never done before) sometimes he doesn’t listen, how do I punish him so he never thinks to disobey me again?

    • Dear Sydney,

      The worst punishment a dom can give is her disappointment. Talk to your partner about limits and boundaries, and tell him how disobedience makes you feel.

      Only in porn is there a magic bullet punishment. The secret in femdom relationships in real life is that the sub half wants to work with you to make you happy and disobedience is limited to “funishment” or mutually satisfying dynamics.

      Miss Pearl


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