Cum tastes kinda like baking soda.

Sorry, that’s the non-erotic truth. Porn (especially cartoons, which have a lot of artistic licence)  generally go in for creamy, squirted cum shots like it had the consistency of slightly diluted dish soap, a couple of gallons at a time… Often it is things like soap when you see it in real person porn, and actors speak ruefully of getting a mouthful of Cetaphil more often than they’d like. Real life? Not so much.

I like semen. On me, on him.

Real semen comes out in unpredictable glops, sometimes squirting across the room, sometimes blobbing out onto a man’s fingers. It goes through various stages, from gelling (which causes it to stick in a vagina) to going all watery. You get tiny loads and small loads (but a ‘big’ load won’t ever fill a cup unless it’s a wee little dixie cup). Despite all this let down, cum can be hot.

You really can effect the taste by eating lots of pineapple, though personally I think sugary cum tastes worse than baking soda cum, but I like things like spinach and reject bread and butter pickles. Lots of bitter foods are going emphasize that basic, back of the throat taste. The same, for course can be said for any bodily secretion.

In my experience, the anticipation of being cum’ed on, and the moment it happens, is more fun than the aftermath. Oh, don’t get me wrong, with a guy I like, masturbating him, blowing him or even waiting for him to orgasm on me or into an orifice is a fantastic sexual pastime. It’s never felt like something that detracts from my dominance- I just adore watching or feeling a man get off.

I love looking at little drops of pre-cum, all shine on an engorged erection, or when it’s gotten all slippery with it. I love watching cum spurt out from the slitted little notch at the top of a cock. Having it land on you is pretty hot. Carefully straddling and knee walking up a guy to deposit a vagina fresh return of what he gave you is silly good fun…

Semen also tends to be the source of my sexual mishaps. From getting it in the eye, which proceeded to swell up all puffy for the rest of the night (I looked like this @_<), to repeated  um… failure to aim with Strong that led to cum on the wall and cum on his mouth (only hot on purpose) and him finishing what should have been a relaxing moment with a look that was clearly “Really? Was that necessary? Are you happy now?

But honestly this is one of those cases where the psychology matters. Sure there’s a nice, pungent pheromone laden scent. Sure, rubbing a damp tipped soft-yet-hard cock all over your face feels nice. But sometimes I can’t tell if I like it because of the hype or indifferent to it. But it’s cum. And well…. yum.

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