How Miss Pearl Ended Up In The Middle Of A Findom Circle Jerk

If half the stuff strange male subs promised was true, I’d be an MP right now with a swimming pool full of money. Long term readers know, I’ve made no secret of my lack of faith in findom. As a dominant female I get a regular trickle of stupid offers, and these always come with strings, usually that they get a great deal of control on what the money involves and what you can spend it on. I feel similarly about the men who offer “free” service acts. And today was just another example of that.

Sometimes I hang out on the collarme video chat. It’s not a frequent habit because it generally involves a string of turning nice and not so nice men down, usually with very explicit requests. On the other hand, or about the same reason, the website is also a source of comedy gold.

So, this morning, I got a guy proposing that he wanted me to pimp him out as a cam sub and sexual thrall to other people. He would “suck cock” and then collect money from his humiliation to give to me. A brilliant scheme, right? As usual, I turned him down, with the usual explanation that life didn’t really work that way.

But, since he was persisting in telling me about how he wanted it to be an active benefit to me. I told hi he wanted to have a wank, but it seemed time to do an experiment. I told him if he was so serious, he should consider an alternative proposal.

Get a shitty, part time franchise job. Work it for a month and donate every penny to he earned to his local domestic violence shelter. No rewards, no sexy pics or teases. No cocks, no sissy humiliation just doing something difficult and dull, and no reward of me saying “I spent this on sexy shoes!!!” or “My hung boyfriend and I bought dinner with this!”

Of course, from first proposal, as much as he ell over himself to agree, he seemed unable to handle that the money would not go to me. I kept telling him, repeatedly, the deal was not about what he wanted, but about what I told him to do. And then he said fine and that he would do it. He’d go find a job. And I said, fairly, I’d be seriously impressed if he could actually pull that off. Maybe I was about to be proved wrong!

Two minutes later another guy is messaging me- he’ll give the guy a job. Sucking cock, of course! But he wants to give the money to me. No, I remind him, I don’t want the money. And then another guy got on board with this! Loads of strange sub men trying to give me money for sucking each other’s cocks!

The guys wanted to hire each other for sexual services, as long as they could keep pushing that they wanted the money to go to me. At this point the chat moderator told me to knock it off because they only want findom transactions to take place in private. Which was not my point, but my point had long since been discarded by any of the people, including the enterprising bloke who wanted 30 minutes alone with my feet.

But I was let feeling that my participation was completely unnecessary. After all, these guys didn’t need me to “humiliate” each other, didn’t care one bit about what I want or said. Apparently they needed my presence to kick off their little party, but once they got off and rolling, for all I know they’re still doing it.

Which gets to the crux of why I think findom is silly. I think there are a few “whales” that make it a worthwhile concept, but I’ve never actually encountered a findom who didn’t work her ass off as a fantasy fulfillment object to squeeze out every penny. There is, after all, no such thing as a free lunch.

2 thoughts on “How Miss Pearl Ended Up In The Middle Of A Findom Circle Jerk”

  1. From which I conclude that the Internet is like a huge metropolis in which there are certain streets you just don’t go down, and certain quarters you just don’t visit unless you have a deep desire to be morally offended.

    And if, in this steaming wen, you meet someone who is really worthwhile and becomes a true friend, you’re ahead of the game. Well ahead.

    • Yes, collarme is so-so. I imagine if I were actively looking it might be a good place to start, but mostly I end up telling nebies about other events in Montreal.


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