Advertisers & Reviewers

Are you an author/publishing house looking to get your book reviewed? A vendor with a product you want tested? Are you looking for a banner ad or other ways to support the site? Or are you just curious how the sausage gets made? Here’s a more detailed overview of my advertiser/sponsor/review policy.

Why you should use Omisspearl to reach people:

Well, I do have an average of 11K unique sessions each month. I also have almost 3000 twitter followers. I’m known for my candid gut spilling sharing AND giving useful advice. My writing, fiction and no, is extremely popular. So you’d A) reach a targeted group I’m talking to with my unique angle and B) If I liked whatever you are giving me to review, other people will hear about it. And you’d be supporting the arts, and everyone likes supporting the arts, right?

Review Policy:

I practice fair reviews. Content/items will be read, tested and given honest feedback. How I received the item/book/product will be included with the review. Keep in mind that I’m writing from the perspective as a dominant woman, so there will be a strong reviewer bias for things targeted to us, and away from things meant for different audiences. Sponsorship or review provisions will be noted CLEARLY on each post that is relevant to whatever it is you gave me.

Advertising Client Policy:

I accept ads from a wide range of sources. However, I do not promote spam, spyware, racism, sexism, products that are at complete odds with the theme of the website, etc… I am also not accepting affiliate links at this time.

I are happy to run adult ads for things including sex work, sexual aides and enhancements, but please make sure that you are in compliance with Canadian law regarding your content because I don’t want to be arrested over something you did.

I reserve the right to disassociate or remove advertising where it becomes subject to reputation damage for the site or ethical concerns, so make sure your product doesn’t suddenly become the endorsed choice for known homophobes, etc…

Sponsored Posts/Links:

Want to get your (commercial) links out there for SEO?

How about sponsoring a post/story? We prefer to exclusively run our own content at this time, but if you’re relevant to the audience, we’re happy to work with you to create something that’s meaningful to the readers and your brand. And we’re happy to work something out re: guest posts- we’ll write it be we’d love to share if you have cool things that are relevant to the readers.

Need more information?

Send me an email at: [email protected]