Other Places To Go Round Up II

Probably the one of the biggest repositories of of all things femdom is the truly massive Femdom Resource. With links to images, erotica and other femdom bloggers, it’s a good way to track down artists and writers. The audience it’s aimed at is mostly people who are attracted to femdoms, not femdoms, but the thoughtful blog is definitely worth a read. And, the commitment the creator has to the task is truly commendable.

On a smaller but more focused scale, Femmedom Book Reviews is more concerned with pleasing femdoms than the people who like femdoms. One challenge about the kink is that it is often done very badly- for example heroines sold as dominant who end up doing more submitting than ruling and Femmedom Book reviews is there to be your canary to help try things before you but them and then end up hurling the book across the room.


Also, I drew a pirate femdom. :3

3 thoughts on “Other Places To Go Round Up II”

  1. Thanks for some good links.

    While I enjoy and appreciate Femmedom Book Reviews, have to say I’m a bit disappointed by the reminder of just how hard it is to find good femdom stories. Hell, I never wanted to write erotica, I’m a fantasy geek! I started writing erotica because it seemed like the only way I’d be able to read the kind of stories I enjoy.

  2. Thanks for the mention. I appreciate the positive comments, and I always like to be commended 🙂

    I really try and make it my site one for both female dommes and male submissives, with a good cross section of post topics and images. However, as a male submissive myself, there’s almost certainly a degree of natural bias there. I’d always be grateful for feedback on how to make it more universally appealing to both sides of the femdom community.


    • Actually I don’t think you do a bad job at all- and your website is very respectfully curated and well organized. I also think it’s impossible to please everyone- especially since the lack of male submissive focused porn and erotica restricts what you have to work with.

      As you probably noticed in the other link, Femmedom Review spends a lot of time and money swearing and being annoyed with books for promising dominant heroines who keep failing to live up to what’s on the back of the book.


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