#EuphOff2018: The Semi-Moist Treat Stick Edition

In which I enter a bad sex competition. Wish me luck as I try to pack the most cringes into a sub 500 word story, in my chosen genre.

Worst Intentional Femdom Story of 2018!

She was not like other dommes. Of course she charged hundreds of dollars to provide intimate and erotic control, accepting the gift of cash as a part of the sacred gift of submission. But she was a nice normal girl who was only doing it to pay her way through college. Not like that competitive jerk who was her age but much more unhinged and also working at the dungeon.

Mama Mistress had mentored and trained her, and matched her with the hunky Mediterranean millionaire she was now training. He was a captain of industry who needed to let go, that’s why he paid thousands of dollars an hour to have a stunningly (conventionally) attractive woman play out his exact and detailed fantasy.

“Oh, Mistress,” he moaned. “Only you know how to get inside my head and know how fragile submissives are.”

“That’s right, mon cherie,” she injected, her french accent thick on her tongue and as natural as that yellow scurf that adults who don’t drink enough water get. “Give yourself to me wholy. Open your heart and soul as you have opened the cleft of your tushy”

Of course because she was not like other dominas she wore white leather, her angel hair a halo around her head like her crimson lipstick on her lips, mimicking the lurid red of the buttholes she stuffed to only pay the bills, and not because she liked it. She had a little brother she was supporting. Her mother had died while she was in college. It was the only way.

She would show up that competitive jerk in a whip off on stage tonight, which would prove who was the best dominatrix, but first she must drive Shlmo Abdel Nour deep into subspace. Only the strongest, European house trained d0minants could unlock a submissive’s true potential.

Shlmo looked over his shoulder at her, ass open to receive the full girth of her turgid buckle falsie, needing only the slightest touch of spit from his mouth to fit. So deep was he in submission already that this sacred rite had made him have a ruined orgasm. His body was smooth with a special cream that not only perfectly depilated him, but made the hair never return and also made him more sensitive and lusty, like a goat that had been raised in Plato’s dark shadow cave, only to be finally released to an Elysian field of real live nanny goats.

She lingered for a moment behind him, semi-moist treat stick held steady in her hand before she began to slowly plunder his crevice-swirl.

“Ah! Ma pet! Ma Cher!”

The squelching of his eager yielding sucked all eighteen inches deep inside him. She could feel the thrusting deep inside her clit as she drove him to a crescendo of ecstasy. But something was different. Their connection transported them to a world of pure submission based simultaneous orgasms.

With a noise not unlike the Tardis sound effects being played in reverse, she collapsed on top of him, utterly spent.

Writing intentionally badly is an art form in and of itself. OtherLivvy has carried on the annual tradition of the #EuphOff and you have until March 30th, 2018 to get your contribution in. 

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