What’s going on with Catamite?

Dear me, it’s probably my most beloved and controversial project. From getting banned on literotica for the non-con, and to be frank, some of the most blatant gender discrimination I’ve ever experienced, to frantic requests that I please, please publish one more chapter, the 23 chapter and counting novel is probably the heftiest of my¬†works of fiction (although cumulatively, the friday femdom stories are starting to add up). It’s also been dormant for a while, and I really should finish it.

Today, still convalescing and wrapped up in a great white comforter, I took the master file and applied¬†judicious editing, finding the project at over 38K words and counting. Ideally I’d like to have it done for Christmas, although that is health and work dependent.

I’m still not precisely sure how I intend to go about releasing the project though- the end goal was always an ebook, but getting more experience with what’s on the market I’ve realized that 3000 word short stories are considerably more normal- so it’ll probably be broken into two or three pieces.

Anyway, goal #1 will be to bring the story to its planned conclusion by the end of the year- it’s being worked on again. But then I have to format it into a book and get it available for download, and honestly, I have no idea how to do that… Learning time!

6 thoughts on “What’s going on with Catamite?”

  1. Yay! I have read all of Catamite that you have posted, and I have enjoyed it. I would love to see it published, however you choose to do it. I have heard Kindle is fairly easy to self publish, but have not actually looked into it.

  2. That’s a good sized novella, and there is definitely a market for mid-length and long fiction. When you are ready to turn it into a ebook, feel free to tag me for an info or assistance you might need.

  3. Hi Miss Pearl. Somehow I wandered onto your site last night (my Mistress / wife was on a date, so I had some time on my hands). Great writing! Got about 1/3 of the way through Catamite. Entertaining. Well written. And, of course, very hot!.

    I am going to put you on our blog role at Under Contract to My Wife and follow you on twitter.


  4. Hello, I have read Catamite up to Chapter 23 (I think). It is well written and, although I can see the point why it got banend on literotica, I still find it entertaining and as a bisexual, switchy (male) Dom, even partly exciting. I have been wondering if you will publish any further chapter on the site or decided to publish all the further chapters in the books. (I have clicked until this (https://www.omisspearl.com/cool/catamite-the-pet-gentleman/) so I’d like to know if I just need to click further to find more Catamite chapters.
    Btw. I’m myself a (unpublished) writer of (harder) adult fiction, Maledom as well as Femdom, straight and queer. So I can relate to the joys and struggles of writing kinky stories. Thank you for your time and effort to write all your stories, short and long.


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