The Things You Cannot Have

No, you can’t have my photo. If I don’t feel compelled for you to have it, there’s no reason I would want you to.

No, I’m not going to tell you, personally, in intimate detail, what I do with my partners. If I don’t put it on the blog, I wasn’t planning on sharing.

No, I won’t write you a custom story for free.

No, I will not look at these unsolicited naked pics of you. Nor did I want them.

No, I will not re-blog your press release. If you want advertising, pay for it. and I won’t reblog your stupid UK based twaddle- NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR CELEBRITY DIET.

No, I am not looking for a slave assistant.

No, I’m not looking for an online slave.

No, I don’t want to promote your new sex toy that I’m never going to get to try.

No, you may not have my Skype.

No, I’m not looking to co-author a story with a stranger, no matter how cool you think your idea is.

No, I will not train you how to be submissive. It is within you or it is not.

I hope that clears a few things up. 😉


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