A Little Bit of Simple, Easy Femdom Sex

Our houseguest, my brother, was away for a date netflix and chill hanging out as friends, I had some time to spend with Wildcard without fear of noise or naughty revelations. It’s not to say we aren’t aware that we don’t mutually have sexuality but ew,ew, ew, ew…

Because of this limitation, the last time Wildcard and I snuck in some fun was the previous Tuesday, when I gagged him with black bondage tape and cruelly teased him until he was screaming, silently, into his gag, his whole body thrashing under me.

This time, he began to masturbate, next to me in the bed, watching bootlegged videos of squeaky voiced, creamy-pale redheads put through their paces in rope and under various impact toys. He almost always watches M/f or F/f, though he’ll read any sort of hetero or lesbian story set. It’s not even a switch thing, I know many male subs who are happily cis identified, but avoid F/m videos like the plague.

It’s not an un-regular occurrence- I don’t feel that it competes with me to watch porn, or disrespects me to take his cock out and play with it, even without explicitly involving me. If I were a stereotypical femdom, and this were one of the stories he’s been reading lately, he’d be locked tight in steel or plastic and only look at its poor, pinched and squished body sadly, while it strained to break out of the cage. Instead, this is real life, so there he was: cheeky, bold and rampant.

It works for us because he’s not a person who usually gets persistent arousal- without constant stimulus of some kind, denial turns into “okay, naps now!” So instead my rule is whenever the passing fancy to play shows up, to enjoy it. I like him erect, this way I always get what I want, and it makes me purringly happy to watch him get hard. His penis is definitely a grower not a shower, going from neat and balanced, to a swollen thick cylinder with a wide head, long without looking like a grotesque projection, just the right kind of filling.

This time one can’t blame him for his urges. I started it, coming only minutes before with my hand down the white cotton of my panties. I’d been cruising for filthy stories on my phone- the edge pushing, violent, rough, degrading kind. A bit before, after all, I’d been getting all flushed and bothered at a movie scene where someone was icing their knuckles after laying down a beating because I am a truly twisted lady when it comes to my sexuality. So his little display had been a natural progression: me coming, him watching, and now him working himself into a massive erection with his weekend shorts tugged down his thighs and his tshirt riding up to his chest

I let him think I wasn’t interested- I never like being taken for granted. Can’t have beloved thinking that magnificent cock of his is as magnetic as it really is- he might get a swelled ego to go with his erection, and besides, dominance  for your own sake is in the little bits of power grabbed in harmless places, feeling puffed with the ability to take things entirely on my own terms.

And take him I did. After a quick tour of the kitchen- washing myself from my hands before packing up the diner leftovers – I was back, taking away his laptop and the view of the cute little wriggling sub actress and trapping his hands over his head. I straddled him, crotch pinning his cock between his belly and the warm, soft cotton gusset of my panties.

Today it was a tiny, bikini cut pair with little black bows just under my hips bones, cute, no less perfect for pressing and grinding, while making smug eye contact. I was still feeling the lingering warmth of my orgasm, but the aggressive urge was still there, holding him down and controlling him utterly. If he wanted to come he needed to submit to me. That’s easy femdom, no need to lace up into thigh high boots or break out the ropes, D/s without props.

I could feel the fabric of his shorts and the comfortable slimness of his hips, the push back of my hands on his that made a tension between us, resistance that only further acknowledged who was on top.

I liked how forceful it made me feel, and the way he made little moans at every push until his white cum spurted between us on the flat surface of his belly, and into the softness of the hair there. I love how feminine yet strong it made me feel, sexy and enjoying his eagerness to have control wrenched from him. I didn’t have to ask, I just took the laptop away and replaced it with my straddling body.

I’m still a little turned on from the experience and looking forward to round 2.