Other Places to Go Round Up

So I’ve been coughing and sick all week, and soothing my sore¬†throat¬†with popsicles. And it’s time to share something sweet with you guys.


Pervocracy hilariously punctured poor Cosmo’s efforts to get in to the 50 Shades craze with some BDSMLite, including the perils of letting anyone writer “Property of [name]” on your underpants.

The Gloss‘s take was pretty funny too. Auuugh, bra bondage, who’s idea was that?!

Island of Pain has some good advice for things you shouldn’t do socially to dominants, as a dominant. And it applies to pretty much every dynamic and has sane caveats.

Little Submissions discovered a New Hard Limit I’m pretty sure we all have in this cute little short story.

Dumb Domme is talking about limits in the way that they sometimes get talked about. IE the way that make me bang my head off of walls.


Go on, say what you think!

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