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The Kink Role Decoder You Were Waiting For

Ever wondered what those titles and identifier tags meant? This list is here to set you straight when you are getting kinky. ūüėČ Primal Predator: He really likes rough sex. Somehow this impresses some people and is seen as more ‘intense’.¬† babygirl:¬†She’s somewhere between the ages of 35 and 45 and she has her shit […]

7 BDSM Problems Only Kinky People Will Understand

Because, dom, sub or switch, dignity is always optional: 1) It was only after the order of silence that Malcolm realized he desperately needed to pee. Unfortunately his skill at charades was such that all his wiggling, whimpering and pointing made Mistress think he was looking to be edged. Again. 2) Clara tried very hard […]

Other Places to Go Round Up

So I’ve been coughing and sick all week, and soothing my sore¬†throat¬†with popsicles. And it’s time to share something sweet with you guys. o~o~o Pervocracy hilariously punctured poor Cosmo’s efforts to get in to the 50 Shades craze with some BDSMLite, including the perils of letting anyone writer “Property of [name]” on your underpants. The […]