11 Types of Porn On My Twitter Feed

  1. Zoomers wholesome fucking in earnest static cam, and somehow ends up being less sexy and more heartwarming to my elder millennial crone self.
  2. We’re here, we’re queer & we have no pants. The gender rainbow on the other side of the Overton window. <3
  3. Oh look, $pornclipsite made a sale and auto posted. You are (allegedly) gonna get shadow banned for that bot work, careful.
  4. Half the libidex catalogue and still not allowed to cum
  5. I don’t know who any of these characters are but their fandom ships them with my fetish, so I guess I am here now?
  6. Fairy princess anal fisting gape cat ears nyahhh
  7. Hypno spirals and migraine inducing flashes.
  8. This highly stylish goth is VERY focused on square peg/round hole problems with her partner
  9. Squint real hard and this re-shared M/m porn might get you off without making you feel completely unattractive as a dominant who prefers male subs
  10. Hot femme with caption about being bad at writing social media copy, damn it!
  11. That’s a lot of dommes on tiktok. Huh.

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Finding Miss Pearl

Hey there! With an active presence all around the web, I thought I’d do a post about other places you can find me:

As well as this blog, I’m pretty active on twitter as @omisspearl. Lots of daily life updates and sneak peeks of what I’m up to. and pics. I also have a facebook page – that’s more for book announcements and advance info about upcoming book releases. Both feeds give you regular alerts when a new post is live, as I know a lot of you like to know when it happens, instead of checking back every day.

I’m also active on fetlife, because of my role organizing events in Montreal. I *usually* accept friend requests, but hit me up with a PM, so I know who you are. You can see the earliest version of “The Pet Gentleman” in my writing section in all its typo’d rough draft glory, and old stuff that’s not published here.

Speaking of which – there’s a kindle author page, and my page on smashwords. Buying a book is the best way you can support the site. Because server space ain’t free.

I’m also active on reddit, more so than I’d like to admit. i might have a bad habit of getting into arguments on the internet. i’m a volunteer spam deleter on /r/femdom and /r/femdomcommunity.

On an unrelated note, I found a comic too good to not share…



whatispower3What is power? – from cute*blue

I think it looks like me trying (and failing) to sub. 😛