Femme Domme Society: Who the fuck is William?

Of course the crazy comments continue about how I’m a disgruntled former user- (they finally got off the butts and deleted my account after ranting for several days that that I was baaanned). A great deal of speculation and names I’ve never heard of are piled up: Lexi? William? And a theory is presented that I’ve been attacking the site as a prolonged project or that I might be (gasp!) Maymay.

It’s not clear if this is based on an attempt to create a slanderous narrative or if I’ve dug out more information about another one of their business deals gone sour.  I’m actually happy to have them share the details on that one (they promised voicemails), so I’m sort of wondering if this means that a real hapless William is now getting some hysterical threats in his inbox as well.

It’s like they’ve never heard of investigative reporting and can’t understand that the only ax I had to grind was disagreeing with their methodology. I do personally feel that sinking to the level of the opponent and say, interfering with various pro-doms businesses are wrong (please don’t book 1000 fake appointments or something) but calling female supremacists on their bullshit is perfectly fine.

One of the accusations they kept throwing at me was “why don’t you do your own thing then, huh?!” Which I kind of am. Of course I’m not a BDSM expert by a long shot, but neither are they and I don’t sell myself as one. If you’re that interested in my attempts to try to educate people about surviving kink you probably want to check out things like my FAbQ or the BDSM advice posts in general.

I imagine if there is any organized effort to regroup, my pseudonym is now due to be dragged through the mud. I imagine this is the acceptable consequence, although I almost wish they’d find one of my real faults to harp on.  I’m also not sure how to take threatening-non-threats from people using multiple user names under the same IP. I will imagine since poor MISTRESS VENGEANCE has blocked me on twitter that she’d prefer it if I left her alone and I intend to respect that.

I’m not sure about the other people freaking out- most of them are the same two people- Countess/MistressCandy69 and another slightly more articulate entity that keeps swapping genders (again with my case that there isn’t exactly a women’s world) and since the accusation leveled against FDS already claim that they love fake identities… I’m also getting a lot of random spam to the tune of “You’re a MAN!” I’m not really sure how this is supposed to be insulting- I gather they don’t understand the concept of a non-professional dominant but it’s not really helping them seem rational.

I have a few theories here- one is that I’m getting abuse from site owners trying to manage things (the wild “William!” stuff hints in that direction) and the other theory is that some hapless prodoms who use the site have also been sucked into it and are trying to deal with the crushing cognitive dissonance that they’ve been pulled into a con. Possibly a little of column A and a little of column B, but I expect a libel laden tirade or two to be flung up about how I’m really a man, a few criminal accusations tossed my way, etc…

Thus far my take away remains that the tragedy here is that frauds like this thrive in darkness. Everyone doesn’t want to get doxed, everyone’s using at least one fake name, and it’s a sad, sordid little party of human frailty.

Late to the party? There’s still sad, sad cake left over here:

8 thoughts on “Femme Domme Society: Who the fuck is William?”

  1. Has anyone defended the practice of keeping subs ignorant of half of what they’re up for? I’m honestly curious how that falls into either RACK or SSC or even just plain old vanilla consenting to a sexual relationship!

    Not to mention, the idea that parts of their courses are blocked goes against basically everything the BDSM community has showed me about how teaching and learning happens. Most classes are free, or vereh cheep, to encourage more people to learn, and explore, in a safe environment. The FDS University seems to be going explicitely against that in every way.

  2. I just stumbled on this discussion and have been reading the comments. I have been a member of the society since the beginning and I am happy and proud to belong. I have been submissive all my life and truly believe and adhere to the tennets of female supremacy and domination. It works its way into all aspects of my life and makes me a better person.

    I have directed many domme friends or acquaintances to the site and many have joined finding it suitable to their lifestyles. I have met a couple of dommes and corresponded with several others.

    I find it well run while phonies and those who would extort money are rooted out.

    If you don’t like it or disagree with what goes on just don’t bother with it. I don’t understand how Miss Pearl thinks she needs to save the world or some of it’s people. I for one would readily put my trust in the hands of a domme who has been a member here for a while. Like I said I know several. Many are post graduate professionals that enjoy a wide range of excitement, enjoyment, and activity. Many must protect their identity because of prejudice and lack of understanding.

    I suspect all of us have balanced lives that involve many non-fetish activities. I know I do but I enjoy at least a hint of female dominance in most things I do. Some of us are teachers and have held public office.
    Intelligence… it causes the mind to look beyond what the eyes are limited to seeing. It expands our horizons in multiple ways. I consider intelligence the most provocative fetish. Intelligent people build up, support and give tolerance to what they may not understand…. while fear mongers tear down and destroy what they don’t like

    i would be at a loss without this site. I belong to others sites but this is one of the best.

    I could go on but you get the point…. I hope.


  3. Is that site still up and running? Yes or no but wanted notify you that the owner/creator is a male and labeled as sub but personal knowledge he is not 24/7.

    • The site appears to have gone down several months ago. Good riddance to it. If this is indeed Shelly, whom I got to know outside of the site as she broke free its grasp and moved on with her life, it is wonderful to hear a peep from you. Shelley knows more than anyone about the scam.


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