Reader Letter: More From Crazy Jeremy!

The guy who sent random hatemail last time appears to have become a regular fan- this time with thinly veiled rape and death threats from the comfortable anonymity of the internet, apparently after reading this scene wrap up:

(From “Jeremy Smith” or [email protected])

Subject line: What a cunt you are

Ever tried being on the receiving end of it as you say many domes do? Maybe you should be leashed just like the dog you are. Is the artists impression an accurate one? Even in a drawing, you’re better looking from the back.

Once again this poor foamy gentleman is deeply offended that I exist. By the way, that’s “Doms or Dommes” not “Domes”, Jeremy, but maybe it’s a challenge to type when your fingers are slippery with the mixture of drool, fecal matter and semen that seems to form the basis of your communication online. And yes, my dear little broccoli rot, I have have been on “the receiving end”. I know what I do feels like, in a wide capacity of what I get up to, and this is part of how I know my preferences. Also he appears greatly excited by the cartoon drawing of my ass.

Try encouraging Male Dom/female sub. Or are you one of those snotrags who tries to convey Male led D/s as domestic violence.

Why would a blog oriented around femdom focus on that? It would be like a baking blog talking about raw foods. Certainly I consider M/f a wider part of the community and you appear to be projecting some fairly serious psychological issues here. Did some social justice warrior femdom hurt your feelings some time back? It’s the second time he started whining about “Domestic Violence”. It also hints that he doesn’t read the blog and didn’t read my response last time.

As for [Your friend, who you topped with, with no identifying information, don’t worry, this creep is toothless]. The piece of shit isn’t a sick piece of shit with a name and “personality” like that? Consensual or not, the cunt is a sick piece of shit and I’D LOVE to give the whore a fucking good hiding.

Let me get this straight, you are bellowing incoherent profanity, advocating my rape and murder and implying you want to non-consensually beat women and somehow we’re the “sick” ones? Back to me now!

Why don’t sick shits like you ever get raped and murdered? Shouldn’t be a crime if it ever did to the likes of you filth.

Well, because there is such a thing like the rule of law. But more to the point you are clearly madder than a hatter and your humour value is rapidly diminishing as you go straight to advocating the death of your fellow humans. Which, you might be surprised, is actually illegal in most civilized corners of the world.

Does that club (or any other one you attend) cater to Male Dom/ female sub? Or are you just too scared and sexist to see or even acknowledge it. There’s plenty of outlets for it, both on the web and in real life, so F UCK YOU, YOU USELESS PIECE OF SHIT.

Yes, the club was a mixed gender party. People like yourself are not invited, and by this I mean obviously insane blithering morons. Also we see that the meat of his argument is repeated here, that he thinks my preference for femdom invalidates his for maledom. I’m pretty sure when he types out this screeds he feels deeply threatened and frightened that I will personally beat him.

But- Take That! I have been told that maledom exists! Evidently there are brave freedom fighterdoing errrmmm… just what I do but with more breast bondage/hitting and less cbt? Jeeze, Jeremy, I would have never figured that out without you!

Current evidence from other femdoms who’ve dealt with his screeching tirades, primarily through twitter but also in blog comments such as at Divorce Darling, is that his IP puts him somewhere in the UK, possibly Manchester. I’m pretty sure the language choices confirm that- he’s got that particular sort of mad British thing going on.

Obviously Jeremy Smith sounds like a pseudonym, but it’s largely irrelevant whether or not it is. He has one reason to exist and that’s to spray virtual spittle at female dominants, usually with cries of how unattractive they are (without having seen them) and the vaguely through to blantently misogynistic language of someone who is more desperately trying to hurt someone through any means possible and is trying everything to hope something sticks. According to Jeremy I am ugly, stupid and… he wishes I were a femsub.

One can infer from very much drive by comment/email behaviour that he’s not actually interested in conversing regarding his pet cause of messaging all the femdoms to shit in their inboxes. Often, in other people hate messages, he considers it a checkmate to ask if we’ve ever done this stuff as the victim, which is just confusing. Obviously the fact that there’s a guy so lost in his own madness that he thinks I need to have rape and murder wished on me (which from context he’s probably also wanking about) it’s kinda disturbing, but his ability to generate fear is hampered from his lack of specificity.

This one’s for you, Jeremy- take it way, Clever Pie!

10 thoughts on “Reader Letter: More From Crazy Jeremy!”

  1. I try to remember that when I log on , my twin dope is also logging on. I apply the same rule to cdriving (when I start the engine my twin lunatic is taking to the road).
    Looks like yours is called Jeremy

  2. Good evening, Miss Pearl.

    Today is the first time I have come across your excellent website and it troubles me to think there are such awful people around as Jeremy.

    I really appreciated your putting him down so effortlessly, but I do have to wonder why you allow such inane comments to ‘get to you’ so much that you feel it necessary to dignify them with an answer.

    There is an old – if indeed anything on the internet can be called old – saying: DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS.

    I respectfully advise you, ma’am, to take this advice and not to waste your time on such people.

    With all good wishes and my thanks once again.


    • Hi Opismath,

      The naming and shaming here is primarily to connect with other dominant women whose inboxes our vile Mr. Smith felt the need to soil in the past. There’s a strong encouragement to go silent when someone tries to bully you, but this in a particular creates a culture where people assume it’s par for the course or put the onus onto the victim to ignore the attempt to harass.

      Mr. Smith hasn’t been careful all the time, and if any evidence of who he is presents itself (basically if Dee comes through) I get to email the police station in his local jurisdiction to file a report. 🙂


  3. It’s really just sad when the worst thing a man can think of to say about a woman is that she’s ugly. Really, the worst thing he can think of is that you fail to give him a boner? How pathetically self-centered.

    • Apparently he is mad because not only do I fail to give him a boner, I fail to give the collective heterosexual males of the internet erections, and I don’t seem to want to promote M/f or participate in it. I’m currently not sure if it’s that he thinks being a dominant makes me ugly, or that as an ugly person I fell into dominance as a reaction.

  4. Nice humourous rebuttal to some pretty crazy ranting; oh the edge a sane person has over a – not so sane – individual.

    The anger laced with humour was a good laugh – much like a when a good comedian on a really hilarious rant.

    Good stuff!


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