I’m Back!

Okay, that was an embarrassingly long hiatus.

I had the good fortune of working on a rather long femdom freelance story commission last month- I got to research some fetishes I’m not so familiar with and knock off a 4K word female led society with a side order of erotic F/m wrestling. The person who made the order was very encouraging and tolerated my world building obsession.

I turned 29 and organized a splendid birthday with a burlesque performance. I’ve been flirting with boys like its going out of style. Wildcard remains amused by this in about the same way one might be about their significant other’s un-shared but appreciated interest in bird-watching. sorry guys, no hot sexy tales of cuckolding adventures. I continue to enjoy the perks of domestic life with Wildcard.

We blew off a wedding to go to the local Secret By Invitation Only Play Party (because I know the organizer and 15 people cancelled so we wanted her to still break even on venue rental) and I had a sexy teasing scene where I was apparently so hot I distracted the dungeon monitor.

Funny anecdote from my birthday- the party was an invite absolutely everyone deal, so you had vanilla and kinky people in the same area. This is less of a problem than you might thing- the Venn Diagram for Kinky/Nerdy is basically a circle, but it led to an amusing double take when I introduced my (DM) Dungeon Master to another person as such and they did a double take as the relationship Miss Pearl the femdom had with this dude. I think he heard “this is my DOM”. Teehee.

As you know, Yumine delivered a splendid cover for “Catamite” now re-titled “The Pet Gentleman”. I’m swearing and slapping photoshop while I try to typeset. I’m still undecided on the “Too Hot For Literotica” sticker. You’ll be seeing it going live when it goes through Amazon’s approvals process, at which point expect to be saturated with HEY GUYS I HAVE A BOOK.

I promise not to turn my twitter account into non-stop book link spam. Some authors do this (you know who you are guys) and I don’t think its very pleasant to follow. Instead it’ll mostly be the usual pictures of my feet, complaints about being hungry and porn pics I liked. 😛

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  1. I also want to wish you a happy belated birthday… And to say that my birthday wish would be to have a life that’s one iota as awesome as yours!


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