6 Femdom Highlights of 2020

Castlevania Season 3 = Femdom x 9000

It’s hard to believe that this dropped in March 2020. Just as North America became aware this Covid issue wasn’t someone else’s problem, we got ALL undead femdom.

Between bondage Alucard and Hector/Lenore, there’s nothing at all left in subtext and fan fic writers and femdom enthusiasts the world over are now waiting on baited breath to see if the F/m couple of our cartoon vampire dreams gets some sort of non-tragic ending.

So many online kink classes!

Probably the one benefit to the pandemic was that we were all forced to find new ways to run our kink communities. The educational component, previously locked to physical spaces, became unmoored from geography. It’s suddenly become possible to attend classes anywhere in the world

My highlights include several hypnosis workshops, and decided I particularly like The Eulenspiegel Society (TES, of New York) and via classes hosted by Dating Kinky.

Meanwhile the Ritual Chamber in Toronto has weekly options as a great way to keep the space available while most pro-dommes have taken a break in the name of public health. Likewise Ruby Ryder is running a rotating series on how to peg, for both beginners and advanced players.

That sexy tease of a poster

Earlier last year, the film “Cordelia” shared an elegant image of implied female dominance with a great aesthetic. something about her long dress and his high collar hinted at a historical romp- which given the target market of the typical costume drama, was particularly exciting. For a couple of weeks, we all lost our minds hoping it was the must needed femdom historical.

Unfortunately it wasn’t. A psychological thriller about the mental health of half a set of twins wasn’t what we are into at all, so we decided we needed “Regency Femdom Week“.

Ferns Started Offering Audio Stories

Launched through her Patreon, long term author of Domme Chronicles, Ferns, took her occasional presence on podcasts and went one step further. Erotica in a sexy Australian accent from the queen of lifestyle femdom blogging? You most certainly should take a listen.

I am told her book is also due to become an audio book too, soon!

Silver Became My Property

femdom latex sleep sack

You may or may not have noticed a bit of a content renaissance here and to be honest a significant portion can be blamed on acquiring a muse. Starting an Owner/property relationship back in January has been delightful.

As well as new femdom stories, you have probably been both following along with my real life write ups, or at least enjoying the occasional illustration, often directly inspired by my escapades. Oh, and sonnets.

And there’s almost certainly more to come- see the illustration on the left for an example.

(You can find posts pertaining particularly to him under the Silver tag)

Satanatrix and Empress Ming Caused an International Incident

Shooting a femdom film, with a priest in a Catholic Church was a risky move, but completely delightful. Unfortunately everyone got nailed with a public obscenity charge, but not only do I strongly feel it doesn’t meet the criteria (locked church after hours isn’t public), the clear intended blasphemy is both drenched in artistic merit and given the long term hegemony of the Catholic Church… not exactly punching down.

Although many people were SHOCKED such an indecent act might occur and the altar ritually burned, I donated to Ming’s Go Fund Me, since booting the hornet’s nest of the faithful can mean dealing with getting loudly and publicly outed, and then a mountain of abuse.