Sextoy Review: Tenga Eggs

I love toys for men. Maybe it’s the desperate enthusiasm in their faces or the tight, slippery glide of a sleeve teasing a cock, but I’m all about Flesh Lights, ona-cups and finding new uses for vibes and insertables that make him moan and squirm.
eggThe Tenga Egg is one of my favourite introductory, easy toys. It’s a great solo companion for a boy who deserves a rewarding time, or a teasing little extra, and it helps fill an huge fetish of mine- watching a man really get into how he’s being used- or how I’m making him use himself for me.

Wildcard is particularly yummy to watch when he gets himself going. Like most men who grew up on the web, he made the choice of learning to operate either his penis or his mouse with his left hand- and as a result, he’s a southpaw masturbator. This makes it really easy to reverse engineer a hand job for him using all the secrets I get from watching him jerk and play with himself.

He likes to start by gently teasing under the head of his cock with a tickling finger. He’s cut, but super sensitive, and gentle brushing and rubbing him through the fabric of his pants is usually enough to get him started. After that, slowly shifting to stroking the shaft of his cock, hand on bare flesh, is enough to get him swollen and erect. One of his best features is how thick his cock head is, and I love how pink and shiny it looks. Tease him enough and he’s quick to dew up with a drop or two of glistening precum, just right to playfully flick off with the tip of my tongue or smear it in a little circle against the slit with my thumb.

But, what he likes best of all is when he gets all slippery, slicked up with lube or oil until a hand slides around nice and easy. Adding a Tenga Egg to our fun was part of my Valentine’s gift for him. These elastic but yielding, white ona-cups are smooth on the outside and ribbed or textured on the inside to wrap his rock hard cock and let me pull them down, so the ridges inside drive him crazy. You put a little bit of water based lube inside, and it’s so easy to get him just to the edge of coming and watch the white egg stretch tight and translucent and I pull it down from head, along the length of his shaft.

As a soft toy, I can control the pressure and decide when he gets to come, squeezing hard or soft. These toys would also be a great trainer if you have a sub who has made himself a little numb from gripping himself too hard. Tenga makes a wide viarity of toys in different textures, and even among the eggs, you can buy them individually or in a little egg crate to get to try out different designs in one go. Pink Cherry, an online retailer, has a perpetual sale- these will usually run you $15 each in a sex shop, but you can get one for about $8, and a whole set of 6 for less than you’d pay individually.


If you want to learn more about these, you can also hit up Tenga’s website. For Wildcard these were a hit- he said that they were even better than just a hand job with lube (and he loves to feel me massage and tease his cock!). I know I’m going to buy some more until I’m sure I’ve found just the right fit. Maybe if he’s a good boy I’ll get him a permanent toy like one of their 3D sleeves. 😉

(I will give one caveat- Tenga guarantees their Egg product for one use, but among people who enjoy them, washing with gentle soap and using your own lube for next time will let you enjoy these toys until you’ve got your money’s worth. As a reviewer, I also recommend this toy most of all for guys like Wildcard with high tactile sensitivity- and don’t skip the spot of lube)

Incidentally, am I the only person who likes the look of guys using toys? I know plenty of straight men love it when their partner has a favourite vibe or dildo. If you’re a guy, what’s your favourite toy, or if you’re a person who likes toys, what if your favourite toy for him?