General Life Updates – What’s coming?

So I’m planning out my projects in some sort of orderly fashion. Here’s what’s coming down the pipe. I have a bunch of fiction to bang out, as well as some vanilla things, and best of all, this Halloween a kinky party. Woo, private decadent fun!

Writing queue:

First, for contest winners, 3 different 500 word stories…

Mikey: The epilogue to super porn.

JT: A night out is a slow burn tease.

G Loss: Pick something! Come on!


The last 20K words of Catamite, concluding the story.

Followed by a few ideas- what do you guys think would make a good ebook next?

1) A dominant woman has a first date with a substandard sub and gives the waiter her number instead, hijinks ensue.

2) She goes to discuss her grade with her TA- only she’s graduated and she wants him for her sub.

3) He’s completely naked at a party at her say so, and is utterly humiliated while watching her.

4) Two shy lovers both into BDSM confess their kinks to their partner, thinking the other to be pure vanilla.

5) He gives himself to her for the holidays, as her Christmas Slave [This one is about 1/4 written].

6) In the spacefaring future, a captured human researcher is forced to teach an alien planet’s primitive tribal queen about his culture’s secrets, while providing a sexual awakening for her.

5 thoughts on “General Life Updates – What’s coming?”

  1. I like #2 – young grad tops the guy who was such a pain on those Bio labs. He deserves whatever she can come up with, and will end up loving it.


  2. “He gives himself to her for the holidays, as her Christmas Slave [This one is about 1/4 written].” How about doing this as the Lifestyle version of O Henry’s “Gift of the Magi”? Each is doing something so slave-like not realizing the other isn’t being dominant-like?

  3. # 2 please! I’d love to see more stories of this sort (a university student takes control of her professor or teaching assistant, a secretary turns the tables on the CEO, an intern gains mastery over and humiliates her smug and arrogant supervisor, etc.).


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