Other Places to Go Round Up II

Life’s carrying on well enough. Montreal’s wrapped in a blanket of humidity. Strong packed off, leaving a few lingering traces, I went back to my desk job and found little had advanced in my absence. There’s interesting challenges there, including tightening up my resume and planning my summer. I have pretty much all I want… in the planning/preparing stage of things.

So, linky-link time!


Submissive Guy Comics


Submissive Guy Comics is worth a peek for their light hearted, cuddly and cozy look at D/s

Domme Chronicles  has a great post written by Audio Diva on a happy D/s relationship to give F/m some positive role models.

Dumb Domme has some particularly amusing things to say about aftercare.

Dishevelled Domina, on the other hand is taking a hard look at the lumps that end up in her inbox, in several blog posts.


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