Femmedomme Society: Digging Deeper (Part 4)

Well, it looks like FSD finally came around to spew their complaints into the comments section! In this particular context they seem to be under the impression I’m a person banned from the website with an axe to grind.

I’d intended to end with just the “University”, but Pagan Boy, of Pagan House, has delivered by digging out some documents related to just who is behind Femmedomme Society. As you might have guessed, it’s a man. What you might not have guessed is that it’s a man with a series of embarrassing court cases and a lousy reputation for ripping off business associates. So we don’t just have a shitty, misleading adult website out of dozens, of other pieces of crap just like it, we have a crook to boot. Lovely!

Now regarding the rather lengthy rap sheet: While it’s always a good idea to be skeptical, extracts from Colorado criminal reports and angry screams about scams do not really back up the claim that this is an effort to bring about a New FemmeDomme World Order.

But let’s take a look at the evidence Pagan Boy dug out for me:

Right now the company listed on the bottom on the webpage is FDS Partners Ltd. However, if you look for where the domain name is registered you get a completely different company, registered in the UK (Society 31 Limited)- it’s located in a London office building, with the name “Kevin Lorimer” as the director- and the only name. Now that company was apparently dissolved in 2010, but the individual is quite traceable. I’m normally not big on doxing people, but this is publicly available information.

We can easily follow him to Colorado, (while the “Retreat” the website makes a big deal out of is apparently located in Phoenix). There, of course, we get access to more of the sordid scandal that is this scheme. It appears that Mr. Lorimer is the boss of the operation, working in concert with his wife and at least one other female associate, the pair of them also under standard prodom aliases. They’re all connected to a series of accusations around the following companies:

“Goliath Productions; FEMDOMFACTOR; Income Solutions; Online Success Center and FDS Partners LTD”

Ripoffreport.com documents a complaint, giving Pagan Boy some extra backup as well as helping us lead further down the rabbit hole.

“With respect to his websites, Kevin Lorimer creates false profiles to boost his membership numbers.  He uses online stock photos for these profiles and for his website pages to entice members.  He also has old photos of retreats that no longer exist.  He does this to gain paid memberships.  His business is registered overseas so that he doesn’t have to pay income taxes.  He also uses variations of his name to register for utilities, etc. in order to avoid being located. “

Thankfully Pagan Boy was kind enough to dig out some information to help with the claim about Mr. Lorimer’s legal troubles. A cease and desist, for example, for selling securities through “Income Solutions”.  Or let’s look at his time in the Colorado courts, for example, right here.

I’d like to believe that the ranting ladies in my comments section are just upset that they’ve been taken in. One was even nice enough to link back from her website with how she’s rightly trounced me, although I would also mention she is perfectly welcome to claiming all the victories she wants- I don’t see this as a competition.

The take away here is that if something sounds like it’s too good to be true, it probably is. It also leads to speculation of whether people are actually getting what they paid for (perhaps MISTRESS VENGEANCE would care to provide her insider information?) . It’s also unfortunate- as long as sex work continues to exist in the shadow of quasi-legality and doesn’t have better protections, this plus the general ignorance about BDSM gives Mr. Lorimer a place to ply his trade. At the very least he’s implied to be a pimp and these cases remain recent enough that FDS has a lot to answer for.

For me, this isn’t even about revenge, it’s just being honest about the festering infection that makes life so much harder for sexworker and lifestyle person alike. These people are not even proper professionals, but usually scammers who promise that they will take on submissives but demand that the sub prove themselves with membership. Case in point, this poor gentleman from FDS:

Hello Miss Pearl,
Thanks for the answer. I have read what you say about the site, it is very interesting. My account won’t be renewed either… I had actually joined as a paying member after the third letter from someone… who hasn’t answer back since I joined… ha ha!
Anyway… as I said before, I would love the chance to know you… and I do make a good friend…
[Name Redacted]

Poor guy.

Curious how we got here?