8 Things to Buy for Your Domme For Valentine’s Day 2021

Yes, you have four weeks until the holiday. But postage delivery is slammed and everyone is shopping online this year, so I’m giving you a curated list now. As with my last gift guide, what to buy your domme for valentine’s day leans heavily to small businesses and independent makers, particularly kinky ones.

One of a Kind Rope Ceramics by Lexi Pots

It’s a small vessel that stealthily communicates a love of bondage, the unique texture and glazing of this ropework clay pot is pretty enough to put out in public, and quiet enough not to make the wrong people ask questions.

Designer (Potter? Yeah, potter is the right word here…) Lexi makes each by hand, throwing similarly patterned mugs and other vessels, in rough hemp look or detailed lace. Her shop is new- up until recently she worked by commission, and the one of a kind nature of her work means that if you want something shipped in time, buying sooner rather than later is better.

Archer and Olive Bullet Journal in “Secret Keepers”

The fancy must have item in the planning community might have gotten it’s primacy through aggressive influencer marketing, but the Secret Keeper is undeniably beautiful. At $32 USD it comes in a fancy gift box and promising a higher weight of no bleed through paper, while the dot grid is a discreet way of helping your line work and handwriting look less sloppy.

Yes, this caught my eye as a personal coveted item, because while the maker also offers flowers, moons and other trendy designs I am a sucker for the symbolism of keys.

Pair it with a decent set of markers, or a nice calligraphy pen. Stickers aren’t a bad idea, either. Whether your domme decides to use it to doodle or to strictly track your progress, it’s a prestige item whose stamped brass-to-gold keys let you overlap femdom pride with artistic organizing.

Silver Anatomical Heart Locket by Peggy Skemp

An ominous anatomical heart locket offers a delightfully macabre way to express love. There’s dozens of designs on the market now, in all sorts of metals and price points. I picked this one as it’s got a directly traceable designer and fairly old pedigree (2009!).

I’ve seen these offered in materials ranging from resin to brass, and in every size from mouse to cat, but I like that the inside of this locket looks shaped to be the heart chambers, rather than ending the attention to detail.

Fill your locket with a very small nude, a secret only your domme gets to keep, or your credit card number and pin. You know your domme best.

Rose Flogger by Art of Whips

The rose flogger is not a new concept, and by now it’s available in a rainbow of colours real roses can’t be found in. So, why this one? Review of quality matters, because the rose and blossom flogger makes for a small sacrifice of structural stability over aesthetics.

Fragile or not, it’s a fully functional impact play tool, with a pleasant extra weight in the petaled falls and a nice balance at the end of a swing.

Art of Whips has a reliable star rating, which bodes well for it’s chance not to explode after a few snaps on the butt and back of a deserving bottom. Don’t skimp here, nothing’s sadder than dishing out the thud only to accidentally behead your weapon.

Catherine D’Lish Deluxe Maribou Trimmed Robe in Merlot

deluxe femme fatale robe

Is your domme feminine? Heck, are they anything on the spectrum other than butch? Your dominant wants this fancy robe for Valentine’s day. I want this robe. I want her/them to have this robe. Hell, I want YOU to have this robe.

However, if she already owns it… then get her another one in a different colour. Seriously, it’s the femme fatale extravagance that launched a thousand imitators. At $500 US you might be tempted to get a copy instead, but don’t. It’s every bit as lush and soft as pictured and the knock offs will disappoint.

And if you really must, yes there’s a ruffled vegan option and a glossy satin version. Regardless of your pick, with a likely high demand, you should get it now. You can thank me later. ^_^

Daddy has No Gender Sticker

Because I know a lot of dommes who are also Daddy, although my own personal tastes lead heavy femme and I’m surprisingly rigid in titles (for someone she uses she/they), I would be remiss not to toss this item into the Valentine’s tribute pile.

Daddy has No Gender” is particularly affordable to add to a card, maybe along with a meal out, or a nice boot blacking session. Or just as a little something for those broke-and-queer folx.

Certainly, I definitely do have a favourite pair of very vintage Doc Martins in my cupboard that make me feel dominant and tough, so it might not be *my* favourite word I can be glad there’s more aesthetics out there for us.

Red PVC Mask by Cybill Troy

There’s a lot of different masks in the shop, 5 Point 6 Roentgen, so it was a hard task to choose a favourite. In the end, although there’s a constantly updating stock of options, I had to go with the shiny number on the left.

I was a bit concerned, at least at first that a vinyl face mask was going to be a non-starter. The material might be fashion (and fetish) forward but a covid mask isn’t supposed to block all air, just particles. However, I can say from owning the black version, that the inside fabric layers offer plenty of filtered ventilation.

Give it to your domme for a park date, to make her the ultimate object of no-touch tease and denial, or keep it for better days as an accessory to compliment fetish wear and punk looks alike.

And, buy it knowing the original name of the shop was “Off Duty Dominatrix”. She might not be scening in the dungeon right now, but Cybill Troy can definitely serve a look, can’t she?

The Basilisk by Wandering Bard Toys

Ok, I admit I actually want this not for the fantasy of doing a lizard that can make you hard as stone. I like the unique curve-and-ridge combo of this break out designer’s hand poured, body (and butt) safe silicone dildo.

Whether your domme’s the type to strap one on or satisfy her own orifices, The Basilisk offers both the standards (three sizes, custom density options) and a shape I really haven’t seen in any other line.

Don’t like the colour? No problem! If blue isn’t to your tastes the mold masters at this two person work shop will blend you all sorts of other shades.

Inevitable Disclosure:
Nobody paid my to write this and I am not receiving kickbacks or even review copies. I mean, honestly if someone wants to send me any of these, I have a PO box?