Other Places To Go Part V

Yaye! It’s time for a link share of cool stuff that caught my eye. kissinghim A fantastic post on reddit, discussing starting out as a female dominant and practical things you can try in the bedroom with a partner, that doesn’t focus on filling the fantasy dominatrix role.

A very talented artist did a comic with female dominant themes that would have appealed to teenage proto-dom me in a SFW story about a selkie and a fisherwoman.

Not Just Bitchy is being clever again, with some basic but needed advice on getting a service dynamic off the ground.

10 Smart Blogs You Shouldn’t Forget (And Why!)

Broken Crockery Award For Special WebsitesLists are trendy right now, and in honour of that (and for those people who go under appreciated on lists and break crockery so they can feel better), here’s a peer nominated list of 10 smart blogs that have made themselves unforgettable through their writing. Whether they specialize in self examination or dirty word porn, or just give an inside perspective to trying to do sex right, each writer has made their mark and should not be forgotten.

In No Order Of Importance, Because I Want To Keep My Friends

  • Girl On the Net Girl on the Net provides a great intersection between accessible kink and sexy writing, with a smart, thoughtful approach.
  • Hiding in Plain Sight Probably one of the most valuable things to other kinksters is raw, honest disclosure about what it’s like when it does and does not work, not just where it feels good but also where it hurts. Perverse Cowgirl is completely candid and open, with good insight into her own vulnerabilities.
  • JTRevener For one reason or another, you don’t seem to get as many blogs from the position of a sub identifying male that are also writing on their perspective as a sub, irregardless of his relationship status. JT makes himself as open and accessible as possible, and he’s not afraid to stand up for himself either.
  • Switch Studies As a bisexual switch, this blogger has a great perspective on the diversity of approach in kink. It can get way to easy to get caught up in your own version of doing things, and Ginger’s blog reminds you to be a little more flexible about other people.
  • Not Just Bitchy Stabbity might characterize herself as ‘rage-y’, but her think outside the box approach to the kink standards we take for granted is briskly refreshing. Someone’s got to do it, and she does it with panache.
  • Becoming Her Slave Another active sub male voice, Giles of Becoming Her Slave deals with one of the most common conundrums in kink- submissive men with loving partners who may not necessarily identity as a dominant.
  • Femdom Resource 99% of the traffic probably comes from people looking for his massive archive of other people’s art and writing (woo community service), but Paltego’s experience driven blog is worth taking the time to read.
  • Dumb Domme Sometimes what kink needs is not taking yourself so seriously. As her tagline says, D embraces the “intersection of femdom and fail”. For me she was one of the first voices I encountered that agreed with my belief that dominance does not give you magic competence powers.
  • Sex Blog of Sorts Sometimes simplicity is at the core of smartness. This blog is completely new to me, but comes highly recommended. Less kink and more sex romp, the writing here still makes it a great part of the blogging landscape.
  • Domme Chronicles Ferns is the moderating executive with a ban hammer that makes several online kink groups behave, and she’s generally got a sharp eye for what the latest discussions in F/m are. As a result, she not only gives great insight into her own life, but is plugged into the hottest, freshest topics.

Other Places To Go Part IV

Happy 2014! With the year showing all sorts of promise, and various other projects on the go- here’s a trio of good links on other people’s blog posts that I thought was worth a gander.

tumblr source

Kink Abuse takes a look at the fundamentals of writing a good kink dating profile.

Freaksexual wrote an oldie-but-goodie on navigating sexually permissive spaces as a straight or bi man.

Stabbity talks about why “stealth submission” won’t scratch the itch.

e[lust] #53 -I’m in it!

We (and by we I mean me) decided to try the e[lust] thing everyone else is doing. It’s very interesting because it’s generally writing for women and by women- although just to warn long term readers, not everything there is femdom- enjoy!

Welcome to e[lust] – The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at e[lust].  Want to be included in e[lust] #54? Start with the newly updated rules, come back January 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!

~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~


Do Not Consent

Found poem – UR so SXY

Kink is not a dirty word!


~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

Being not doing; a thought about labels.

Take It For Daddy



~ Readers Choice from  Sexbytes ~

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Other Places To Go Part III

It's been one of those months

It’s been a while since I did a link dump. Work and some emotionally confusing and exhausting life stuff have been draining my energy, including my creative output. However, I’m still keeping updating, albeit maybe a bit late.

Coming up on the writing queue is a review of one of my favourite writers of online femdom stories, who is making anthologies of his work, as well as a ebook called “How To Discipline Your Vampire”, a firmly tongue in cheek effort to cover all the book trends of the last decade other than maybe a girl rebel in a dystopia.

Now, the links!

Someone called Laura Brown at Divorce Darling made a ‘scoop-it’ page about ideas of what to do to your male submissive.

Becoming Her Slave has a whole blog devoted to pondering how to get women on board with this femdom thing in a way that makes it fun and non-pushy.

Submissive Guide aims to be a resource for subs to share their thoughts. It’s mostly femsub oriented, but they try to be malesub friendly too. Their sister site is Dominant Guide.

Other Places To Go Round Up II

Probably the one of the biggest repositories of of all things femdom is the truly massive Femdom Resource. With links to images, erotica and other femdom bloggers, it’s a good way to track down artists and writers. The audience it’s aimed at is mostly people who are attracted to femdoms, not femdoms, but the thoughtful blog is definitely worth a read. And, the commitment the creator has to the task is truly commendable.

On a smaller but more focused scale, Femmedom Book Reviews is more concerned with pleasing femdoms than the people who like femdoms. One challenge about the kink is that it is often done very badly- for example heroines sold as dominant who end up doing more submitting than ruling and Femmedom Book reviews is there to be your canary to help try things before you but them and then end up hurling the book across the room.


Also, I drew a pirate femdom. :3

Refugees of The Great WordPress Disaster

WordPress.com, host of numerous free blogs, decided to apply a little more effort to enforcing their extremely vague content limitations. This meant a lot of blogs getting nuked- not just porn, but BDSM bloggers talking about their own personal love lives or trying to make a difference by providing resources. To help them rebuild, this is to share the new addresses:

Mystic’s Mind Fuck – She bills herself as insane lesbian submissive ramblings, but there’s way more content than madness. There’s some hardcore commitment to herself and healthy relationships that’s worth a boost.
Submissive in Seattle – Peroxide is commited to providing a voice in the BDSM community from the perspective of a young submissive male. With advice for newbies and sizzling erotica!

Got turfed by WordPress? Throw a comment and get added to help people find your new site!

And these are the people who have thrown in for extra love:

Exploring male submission
BDSM Ted_subby

With extra thanks to Ferns over at Domme-Chronicles.

Other Places to Go Round Up II

Life’s carrying on well enough. Montreal’s wrapped in a blanket of humidity. Strong packed off, leaving a few lingering traces, I went back to my desk job and found little had advanced in my absence. There’s interesting challenges there, including tightening up my resume and planning my summer. I have pretty much all I want… in the planning/preparing stage of things.

So, linky-link time!


Submissive Guy Comics


Submissive Guy Comics is worth a peek for their light hearted, cuddly and cozy look at D/s

Domme Chronicles  has a great post written by Audio Diva on a happy D/s relationship to give F/m some positive role models.

Dumb Domme has some particularly amusing things to say about aftercare.

Dishevelled Domina, on the other hand is taking a hard look at the lumps that end up in her inbox, in several blog posts.


Other Places to Go Round Up

So I’ve been coughing and sick all week, and soothing my sore throat with popsicles. And it’s time to share something sweet with you guys.


Pervocracy hilariously punctured poor Cosmo’s efforts to get in to the 50 Shades craze with some BDSMLite, including the perils of letting anyone writer “Property of [name]” on your underpants.

The Gloss‘s take was pretty funny too. Auuugh, bra bondage, who’s idea was that?!

Island of Pain has some good advice for things you shouldn’t do socially to dominants, as a dominant. And it applies to pretty much every dynamic and has sane caveats.

Little Submissions discovered a New Hard Limit I’m pretty sure we all have in this cute little short story.

Dumb Domme is talking about limits in the way that they sometimes get talked about. IE the way that make me bang my head off of walls.


Profanity from Pain

I’ve got a fetish, and it’s not for men who are super polite in the bedroom. I like it when they swear. There’s something particularly thrilling about a foul mouth when it hurts.

Don’t get me wrong, the whole suppressed grunts and whimpering and carrying on has a special place in my heart too… but give me a man who curses like a sailor when the cruelty starts and you’ll have me following him around glassy eyed, in a lemming like fashion.

It’s even hot when you’re not even doing anything that nasty. It feels like you’ve impressed him. Shocked him out of coherence.

“Oh fuck, Miss!” feels so good the instant it escapes his mouth.

Check this out by Ferns:

I move down your chest to your left nipple. I lick it, suck it into my mouth, nibbling at it, then lapping gently with the flat of my tongue. I close my teeth around your flesh and pull at it, applying some pressure. It’s hard. I grab the peg and pull the skin of your nipple forward, closing the peg on it.

I watch your face register the pain, my stomach flipping over as you bite your lip. You are trying to be stoic. I wait for you to swear.

“…Fucking fuck fuck…”

I grab your head and pull your mouth to mine, wanting to swallow your words, I kiss you aggressively and your angry mouth returns the kiss hard, taking my breath. So fucking hot, I’m making soft inarticulate noises into your mouth.

Pure bloody joy (and the rest of her writing is pretty hot too!).

There’s also a certain delight in bedroom trash talk. The protests of a man defeated: “Oh, you evil bitch.” “You’re fucking cruel, Miss!”

I eat it up like candy and it’s a hundred times better than “Goddess!” or any permutation of the worshiping script. Don’t you dare wax lyrical about my sacred cunt. I’m the bitch, the scourge, and your damnation. I hurt, and scratch and bite. I slap and I strike. I know I’m at my happiest when my sadism is bearing down on you. I want it to be awful and evil and I want your curses because they feel real.